Tutorial videos

The tutorial videos below give you a short introduction on how to use the deconvolution, visualization and analysis options in Huygens. For more detailed information, we like to refer you to our manuals,our Huygens Wiki and the written Huygens Software tutorials.

The Webinar on Quantification can be found under the Restoration options below.

Installation and Setup of the Huygens Software. A tutorial about how to download and install the Huygens software, and to request and install a free 30 day valid test license. (2.47 min)
Huygens Single Molecule Localization Microscopy Software with the Huygens Localizer. If you are interested in Single Molecule Localization Microscopy (SMLM) and have PALM, STORM, GSD, or PAINT data to analyse. (21.18 min)
Deconvolution Express. The Huygens Deconvolution Express option makes use of smart templates and the high-quality deconvolution algorithms in Huygens to restore your images in a matter of seconds.(1.56 min)
Batch Express. The Huygens Batch Express option allows instant deconvolution of all your acquired images independent how you acquired them. It makes use of smart templates and the high-quality deconvolution algorithms in Huygens to restore your images in a matter of seconds.(3.14 min)
Deconvolution Part 1: The Parameter Wizard. This tutorial video shows you how the Huygens Parameter Wizard helps the user with the microscopical image parameter verification so that deconvolution will be optimally applied, with different methods to do so. (6.38 min)
Deconvolution Part 2: The Deconvolution Wizard. The Huygens Deconvolution Wizard shows the user the few steps required to run a successfull deconvolution on a microscopical image.(9.34 min)
Deconvolution Batch Processor The Huygens Batch Processor can be used to schedule the deconvolution of many images, which can be single datasets or even folders with multiple image data. This tutorial video shows you how to schedule multiple deconvolution jobs. (3.01 min)
The PSF Distiller. The Huygens PSF Distiller can be used with imaged beads to measure a point spread function that can then be used with image deconvolution. This tutorial video shows the ins and outs of PSF distillation. (3.15 min)
STED parameters and STED deconvolution Tutorial video on how STED parameters are set and edited and STED images are deconvolved using Huygens.(14.04 min)
The Huygens Remote Manager. The HRM is an open source, multi user front end to the Huygens Core. It allows multiple users to upload, deconvolve and view images. This tutorial shows end users how to work with the HRM. (9.04 min)

Visualization options

The tutorial videos below offer an overview of the various Visualization Tools in Huygens Essential and Professional that will help you to visualize and analyze your image in detail.

Visualization tools. A tutorial about the interactive 3D visualization tools included in the Huygens Essential and Professional: Twin Slicer, Orthogonal Slicer, Simulated Fluorescence Process Renderer, Maximum Intensity Projection Renderer, Gallery tool. (8.19 min).
Surface renderer. This tutorial video shows you how to use the Huygens Surface Renderer to represent your microscopy data in a convenient way to clearly see separated volumes, with Iso Surface rendering (4.14 min).
Movie Maker. A tutorial about the Huygens Movie Maker, giving a short demonstration on how to use the Movie maker and showing some examples made with the tool. (6.41 min).

Analysis options

Several interactive analysis tools are available for Huygens to accurately perform 3D-4D measurements, and to obtain and export statistics about object(s), colocalization, and cell/object trajectories.

The Colocalization Analyzer. A short demonstration about the Colocalization Analyzer (4.28 min).
The Object Analyzer. A tutorial about the Object Analyzer. Both background information and a short demonstration is given. (4.01 min)
The Object Tracker. A tutorial about the Huygens Object Tracker, giving a short demonstration about the Huygens Object Tracker and Track Analyzer. (4.02 min)

Restoration options

For other major factors distorting image quality we have developed the following Restoration Tools and Options:

The Stitcher. The Stitcher is used by Huygens Professional and Essential to stitch multiple smaller microscopic images into one, whilst also applying deconvolution to the separate images. After this the image will be corrected for vignetting and shading (4.05 min)
The Chromatic Aberration Corrector. The Huygens Chromatic Aberration Corrector can correct chromatic shift on images due to various reasons. This tutorial video shows how to use the Chromatic Aberration Corrector. (4.04 min)
The Crosstalk Corrector. The Huygens Crosstalk Corrector estimates and corrects for crosstalk, also known as bleedthrough. Crosstalk can occur if there is spectral overlap between different channels, and signal is recorded from a specific dye whereas the detector is already reserved for another dye. Crosstalk in multi channel images up to 32 channels can be easily estimated, visualized, and corrected with this tool. (3.24 min)
The Object Stabilizer. The Huygens Object Stabilizer can measure and correct for cell motion, thermal drift, shaking, and other types of movement (x-y-z translation and axial rotation). Both the measurement and subsequent stabilization are done in 3D and at sub-pixel level. The Stabilizer not only stabilizes 2D or 3D time series, but it also allows the alignment of z-slices within a 3D stack. (4.39 min)
Quantification Validation of fluorescent Images. Huygens software is unique in ensuring that next to valided deconvolution also imaging problems like bleedthrough and chromatic aberration are dealt with. All crucial for correct quantification of your images! (38.19 min)

You are welcome to test Huygens for free with all the available Huygens options.

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