Tutorial videos

The tutorial videos below give you a short introduction on how to use the deconvolution, visualization and analysis options in Huygens. For more detailed information, we like to refer you to our manuals,our Huygens Wiki and the written Huygens Software tutorials.

Video Description
Installation and Setup of the Huygens Software. A tutorial about how to download and install the Huygens software, and to request and install a free 30 day valid test license. (2.47 min)
Huygens TITAN. Huygens Titan is lightweight software that indexes, finds and shows your 2D-5D microscopic image data. This tutorial shows the functionalities within Titan. (4.59 min)
Deconvolution Part 1: The Parameter Wizard. This tutorial video shows you how the Huygens Parameter Wizard helps the user with the microscopical image parameter verification so that deconvolution will be optimally applied, with different methods to do so. (6.38 min)
Deconvolution Part 2: The Deconvolution Wizard. The Huygens Deconvolution Wizard shows the user the few steps required to run a successfull deconvolution on a microscopical image.(9.34 min)
STED parameters and STED deconvolution Tutorial video on how STED parameters are set and edited and STED images are deconvolved using Huygens.(14.04 min)
Twin Slicer. The Huygens Twin Slicer allows you to easily compare images (for example a raw and deconvolved image), and to perform distance and intensity measurements. This short tutorial video shows you how to do this. (2.34 min)
Deconvolution Batch Processor The Huygens Batch Processor can be used to schedule the deconvolution of many images, which can be single datasets or even folders with multiple image data. This tutorial video shows you how to schedule multiple deconvolution jobs. (3.01 min)
Visualization tools and the MovieMaker in the Huygens Software. This tutorial video gives a demonstration of the Twin Slicer, and the SFP, MIP and Surface 3D renderers. The MovieMaker is also explained. (29.16 min)
The Colocalization Analyzer. A short demonstration about the Colocalization Analyzer (4.28 min).
The Object Analyzer. A tutorial about the Object Analyzer. Both background information and a short demonstration is given. (4.01 min)
The Stitcher. The Stitcher is used by Huygens Professional and Essential to stitch multiple smaller microscopic images into one, whilst also applying deconvolution to the separate images. After this the image will be corrected for vignetting and shading (4.05 min)
The PSF Distiller. The Huygens PSF Distiller can be used with imaged beads to measure a point spread function that can then be used with image deconvolution. This tutorial video shows the ins and outs of PSF distillation. (3.15 min)
The Chromatic Aberration Corrector. The Huygens Chromatic Aberration Corrector can correct chromatic shift on images due to various reasons. This tutorial video shows how to use the Chromatic Aberration Corrector. (4.04 min)
The Huygens Remote Manager. The HRM is an open source, multi user front end to the Huygens Core. It allows multiple users to upload, deconvolve and view images. This tutorial shows end users how to work with the HRM. (9.04 min)

If you like, you can use a free trial of the Huygens software with all the available Huygens options.