Invitation for next Huygens Webinar will be available soon

SVI organized a webinar on Tuesday, 18th September 2018, called Light-Sheet/SPIM Fusion & Deconvolution by Huygens. It will be streamed to you via YouTube on our website and you will receive the link for the live-streaming. The webinar will last 35 minutes, organized in 30 minutes talk and 5 minutes Q&A. There will be two identical sessions (see above to select the session you like to join).

If you join this webinar, you'll get a general overview plus a thorough update on latest developments in Light-sheet/SPIM deconvolution since the introduction of this Wizard in Spring 2017.

Light sheet images can be deconvolved with our Huygens Light-sheet Fusion & Deconvolution Wizard. which takes into account the specific optical properties of the selected Light Sheet/SPIM setup. Huygens supports a range different Light Sheet microscope types and settings with specific parameters like the Light-sheet excitation mode, thickness of the sheet, light sheet NA and offset, and fill factor and direction.

You can learn already prior to this webinar about Light-sheet parameters and deconvolution via this link. Huygens Light Sheet deconvolution reduces noise and blurring, improves contrast, and includes depth-dependent spherical aberration corrections. Also scattering correction is available.

Another important part of the solution is the Huygens Fusion, which fuses multi-view data in 3D and over time seamlessly. Data processing is GPU accelerated and optimized to facilitate the efficient use of computational resources, which is a crucial aspect for the usually large Light-sheet datasets. All these functions are easily accessible via the Wizard workflow.

In this webinar, we will discuss:
  • Theoretical background for Light-sheet deconvolution.
  • New types of Light-sheet systems (e.g. bessel beam lattice-light-sheet).
  • New de-skewing function for Light-sheet data.
  • Latest developments in the Fusion part of the wizard.

Join one of the two webinar sessions, if you want to know more about the latest Light-sheet/SPIM Deconvolution&Fusion in Huygens!

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