Join the WhatsNew Huygens 19.10 Webinar on Nov. 12th

Friday 01 of November, 2019
On November 12th, we will have two webinar sessions (9AM and 5PM CET) about all the great new things in Huygens upcoming 19.10 release.

To name just a few of these:

  • We now officially release the new Huygens Fuser, which is the more interactive and computationally more efficient successor of the Light Sheet Fusion and Deconvolution Wizard

  • Many new functionalities for Huygens 3D visualization options, such as GPU acceleration for all renderers, perspective projection, more visualization settings, depth-coded colors, and cutting planes within the SFP and Surface renderers.

All other new additions will soon be announced on the Whatsnew page.

Click here to join this webinar and/or the next webinar on Huygens 3D Localizer

Huygens 19.10 released!

Tuesday 29 of October, 2019
In the download section you can find the new 19.10 version of Huygens! Interested in trying it out? Feel free to request a test license via one of the Huygens basics after installing this version.

You can then enjoy significant improvements in 3D rendering performance and features or try out the new interactive Fuser for your lightsheet data.

For those interested in the Huygens Localizer: we have included now 3D localization and the possibility to process your data in batch mode!

More details about this release can be found here.

SVI and GATTAquant collaborate on the open GATTAscope project

Monday 07 of October, 2019
GattaQ SVIlogos

SVI and GATTAquant announce collaboration on the open GATTAscope project

Hilversum, 01-10-2019 – Scientific Volume Imaging (SVI) is pleased to announce a collaboration with GATTAquant on the open GATTAscope project and introduce the HUYGENS Localizer as the recommended SMLM processing package.

HUYGENS Localizer introduces a seamless workflow to process, visualize and analyze Single Molecule Localization Microscopy (SMLM) data and facilitates a complete, fast, easy and very affordable super-resolution microscopy solution.

About the GATTAscope project
Jürgen Schmied, CEO at GATTAquant, elaborates on the project and it’s commercial partners: "Thanks to the GATTAscope project, any lab around the world can now easily set-up an affordable super-resolution microscope using the freely available GATTAscope design blue-prints and online tutorials. The recommended hardware parts can be purchased via the commercial partners. However, up until now we did not have a partner to take on the software (processing) part for the GATTAscope. The software is a very important part of accurate SMLM super-resolution microscopy, so we are very excited to have SVI-Huygens join as a commercial partner in our GATTAscope project. The HUYGENS Localizer package processes the acquired data extremely efficiently, and the results are truly impressive."

About the HUYGENS Localizer
The HUYGENS Localizer is a new user-friendly and ultra fast super-resolution SMLM image processing package. Remko Dijkstra, Product Manager Super-resolution at SVI, highlights: "The HUYGENS Localizer is tailored for processing SMLM data highly efficiently and accurately. All kind of users, including beginners, can now easily process, visualize and analyze their STORM, PALM, GSD and/or (DNA)PAINT data. The processing-pipeline in the HUYGENS Localizer is GPU accelerated, enabling a super efficient and interactive user experience. The ease-of-use in combination with accuracy and high processing speed makes the Localizer a perfect match for the GATTAscope project. Using GATTquant’s 20nm GATTA-PAINT nanorulers, imaged on a GATTAscope, we were able to demonstrate that 20nm two-point resolution is reached with ease using the HUYGENS Localizer package."

Experience the Localizer yourself
If you have a GATTAscope, or any other SMLM system: test licenses for the HUYGENS Localizer can be requested here, or by contacting SVI directly.

20nm Nanorulers Figure Final CarouselCrop
Super-resolution image demonstrating 20nm two-point resolution using GATTAquant 2x20nm DNA-PAINT nanorulers (GATTA-PAINT HiRes 20R) acquired with GATTAscope system. All 12.000 time-frames were processed with the HUYGENS Localizer in 9 seconds using an NVIDIA Quadro RTX5000 GPU. Top shows background corrected widefield equivalent (grayscale) overlayed with the HUYGENS Localizer super-resolution results (green). Inset: intensity profile of a single nanoruler shows two-point resolution of at least 20nm. Imaged by: GATTAquant GmbH, processed by Scientific Volume Imaging b.v.
Localization rendering: 5nm sampling, Guassian width based on uncertainty: normalized (40nm), intensity weighted.

More on GATTAquant GATTA-PAINT nanorulers: http://www.gattaquant.com/products/localization-based/gatta-paint-nanoruler.html

New Webinars on Huygens Stitcher, the new 3D rendering options, and "WhatsNew" in the 19.10 Fall release", including interactive Light Sheet fusion and 3D analysis in the Localizer

Friday 26 of July, 2019
After a hot summer and high temperature records broken, we start a new series of webinars in which we present the Huygens Stitcher, our renewed, expanded and GPU accelerated 3D rendering options, and "WhatsNew"in the upcoming 19.10 Fall release. The Fall release will include many new features in the interactive Light Sheet fusion tool, and a completely new addition to the Huygens Localizer: support for 3D SMLM (astigmatic) image data.

Visit this page for the new Webinar schedule and to register

Join our September (25-27) Huygens imaging course

Friday 21 of June, 2019
September 25, 26, and 27th of this year, we'll have again our very popular and highly rated Huygens imaging course at the SVI headquarters in Hilversum (The Netherlands). The course starts Wednesday in the afternoon and ends on Friday afternoon.

Many Huygens users who attended previously recommend this course to you. See here.

This course is fully booked. Next course is scheduled for April/May 2020

For more information, please contact sales at svi.nl.

Monday, June 10 National Holiday, SVI office closed. Tuesday, June 11 Welcome for WhatsNew Webinar HUYGENS 19.04!

Thursday 06 of June, 2019
As our customers are used to our near-instant replies on their support questions and emails we want to let you know that on June 10 you may have to wait one day as it's a National Holiday in the Netherlands.

On Tuesday, June 11 we are looking forward welcoming you for our WhatsNew webinar for the HUYGENS 19.04 release launching a new package for PALM, STORM and GSD Analysis, major extensions for the Light-sheet Fusion in HUYGENS and much more. You are welcome to join us! See our Webinar Invitation!

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