Huygens webinar for users of Leica microscopes

Wednesday 28 of March, 2018
Are you a user of Leica microscopes? Join us the 11th of April for the webinar: Huygens software for users of Leica microscopes . This webinar is targeted for the users of Leica microscopes from all over the word. This webinar will help you to ensure high quality Huygens deconvolution of your Leica files. Join us the 11th of April to know more about:
  • Huygens combined with the new LASX version from 2018 onwards. What remains the same, and what changes?
  • Huygens as stand alone package to improve your results further. What is present already that you may not know about?
  • Possibilities to extend Huygens deconvolution to all your types and brands of microscopes.
With this webinar, we are looking forward to providing you more insights on your Huygens package. Recording is available via this link.

BiteSizeBio SVI-Huygens webinar: the Batch Express

Thursday 22 of February, 2018
A new tool is coming soon in Huygens: the Batch Express! The high-quality Huygens deconvolution will be accessible with a fully automated image-processing pipeline within the new Batch Express option. You simply have to select the desired Watched folder and the images in the folder will be automatically deconvolved by the Batch Express within seconds. The Batch Express supports a wide range of microscope types (widefield, confocal, spinning disk, multiphoton, STED, and a variety of SPIM/Light Sheet systems) and file formats. Compatibility with your image files is not an issue. After this webinar, your images will look better than ever before!

Join us on the BiteSizeBio SVI-Huygens webinar about the Batch Express the 24th of April 2018 at London time 4 PM, Boston time 11 AM, San Diego time 8 AM subscribing here.

Webinar in Chinese : 报名 - 多维多通道拼图、暗角校正去卷积后续处理

Thursday 22 of February, 2018
日期:2018 年 3 月 15 日 (周四)

时间:国内时间 19:30 到 20:15


摘要:显微镜的应用,是对微细样本作出观察,讲究的是分辨率,但随着显微镜的发展与科技研究的要求,对于较大型的样本,例如小鼠全脑、斑马鱼... 等,我们要求的是样本的完整性与分辨率的并存,而图像拼接是对大范围与高分辨率这两个条件所提供的解决方法。本 webinar 就惠更斯的多维、多通道、时间序列拼图功能、暗角校正与去卷积处理作出详细的介绍,欢迎报名参加。

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Release of Huygens Remote Manager 3.5.0

Tuesday 06 of February, 2018
The Huygens Remote Manager is a multi-user web-based interface to the Huygens Core for parallel batch deconvolution. The HRM team and Scientific Volume Imaging are proudly announcing the release of HRM version 3.5.0. New features include:

  • New, modern user interface
  • GMLE deconvolution algorithm
  • Stabilization of deconvolved time series
  • New spherical aberration correction mode
  • New license overview page for admins
  • Performance increase for image selection
  • Bug fixes

Visit the HRM website via this link for more information and enjoy HRM 3.5.0!


Scientific Volume Imaging on BiteSizeBio

Monday 22 of January, 2018
Scientific Volume Imaging is proud to be a new mentor in the BiteSizeBio community. Enjoy our SVI webpage on BiteSizeBio via this link. Stay tuned for the upcoming SVI-Huygens webinars on the BiteSizeBio platform!

Stitching & Deconvolution webinar

Monday 08 of January, 2018
SVI organizes the first webinar of 2018 on the 30th of January about the Huygens Stitching & Deconvolution wizard. The Stitching & Deconvolution wizard is fully GPU accelerated, and offers a unique easy-to-use option for combined high-quality stitching for all types of microscopy data with the additional option to deconvolve the images, and to correct for vignetting issues. Vignetting correction can be performed manually and in a full automated fashion. The Stitching & Deconvolution Wizard is available for Huygens Essential and Huygens Professional. The webinar was live the 30th of January, you can watch the recording via this link.

Huygens software version 17.10 released!

Thursday 02 of November, 2017
Scientific Volume Imaging proudly announces that the Huygens Software version 17.10 is available for download!

The new version includes, for example, improvements in the Colocalization analyzer, in the Hot pixel remover, in the Deconvolution Express and image feeder. Furthermore, the 17.10 includes a feature that a lot of our users requested: real time deconvolution on ROI's, with direct feedback for the SNR.

More detailed information about what is new can be found here.

The new 17.10 version was showcased during the What's New webinar organized the 21st of November. Watch the recordings here if you want to know more about the new version of Huygens!

GPU deconvolution: impressive Huygens GPU performance with NVIDIA's brand-new Volta-based Tesla V100 card

Thursday 12 of October, 2017
SVI has recently performed GPU deconvolution benchmarks for several 3D image dimensions with three state-of-the-art GPU cards.
The brand-new NVidia Volta-based Tesla V100 shows an impressive acceleration compared to the the (Pascal) P100 and GTX Titan Xp cards, which had already demonstrated extremely fast deconvolution performance in previous Huygens benchmark tests.

The acceleration factor shown in the chart below is relative to a 6 core (12 threads) Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1650 v4 @ 3.60GHz.
The acceleration factor was determined by comparing the average time per iteration over a total of 100 iterations using the Huygens CMLE algorithm.

500x500x40 1000x1000x50 1000x1000x100 1600x1600x100 1600x1600x200 0 5 10 15 20 25 Huygens deconvolution GPU acceleration *Acceleration relative to Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1650 v4 @ 3.60GHz. Higher is better V100 P100 GTX Titan Xp Image pixel dimension (X * Y * Z) Acceleration factor * NVIDIA GPU cards: www.svi.nl

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