Huygens Localizer published in Microscopy Today (this March issue + cover)

Thursday 19 of March, 2020
With the help of many research groups and imaging facilities worldwide, we have published Huygens Localizer in this Microscopy Today March issue. This article summarizes all the advantages of using Huygens Localizer for 2D and 3D SMLM (PALM, STORM, GSDIM, PAINT) analysis, and compares its performance, accuracy and precision with the most commonly used package ThunderSTORM.

This article could not have been made without the help of many research groups that contributed with images and with suggestions during the development of Huygens Localizer. Special thanks to groups at the University of Helsinki, the ALMF - EMBL Heidelberg, the Goethe University Frankfurt, the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, and the University of Calgary (see also the "Acknowledgements" paragraph).

View the Microscopy Today March2020 issue or download the PDF online

Huygens support continues 100%

Sunday 15 of March, 2020
As everybody the corona crisis shocked our team and we hope for the recovery of those affected by Covid19.

We want to assure our customers and relations that the Huygens team stays ready to support you fully.
In case you need to work from home ask a temporary Huygens for Home license via https://svi.nl/LicenseRequest or https://svi.nl/LicenseRequest-chinees.
In case you have support or product questions contact sales at svi.nl or support at svi.nl

Get your 'Huygens@Home' in case of Corona crisis measures at work. CPU and/or GPU computers OK.

Sunday 15 of March, 2020
Are you working from home due to the Corona measures, and do you have limited or no access to your image processing workstation/server at the lab or facility? SVI would like to offer researchers a temporary Huygens license (Huygens@Home) for their personal laptop or PC. Huygens@Home will work on CPU only and CPU and GPU NVidia laptops and PC's.

For all customers outside China, visit Request a license here, and state in the field "Department" your department or lab name also: 'Huygens@Home' .

For our Chinese customers: visit Request a license here, and state in the field "Department" your department or lab name also: 'Huygens@Home' .

100 days of free testing Huygens Localizer for SMLM analysis

Tuesday 18 of February, 2020
We like offer you the option to try Huygens Localizer for analyzing 2D and 3D (astigmatic) SMLM image data for 100 days.
We initially supply you with a 10 day test period, which can be easily extended with another 90 days if you fill out a survey.
This survey will take about 5 minutes to complete and will provide us with very valuable information on how we can further improve

If you do not have a login for our website, you can register here, to join this 100 days of testing.

Else, login with your credentials and visit this webpage.

Webinar on image processing via the web interface Huygens Remote Manager

Tuesday 11 of February, 2020
Join us with this webinar on the new release of Huygens Remote Manager version 3.7.
HRM can be used by multiple users simultaneously and is ideally suited for batch processing, including deconvolution, chromatic aberration correction, time stabillization and colocalization analysis.

By using HRM via your web-browser, you can submit image processing jobs anywhere and at anytime with your computer.
HRM uses multi-core CPUs and GPUs, ensuring that computational resources are used optimally.

You can register here for one of the webinar sessions.

Webinar on Huygens FUSER (Jan. 28th)

Friday 17 of January, 2020
Join us with this webinar on the new Huygens Fuser.
Huygens FUSER can be used to deconvolve and fuse multiview images from a variety of Light Sheet microscope systems, and is extremely easy to use with its interactive user interface.

You can register here for one of the sessions.

Release of Huygens Remote Manager 3.7

Friday 20 of December, 2019
We like to announce the release of Huygens Remote Manager (HRM) version 3.7.

The HRM is the web interface of Huygens Core and can be used to submit on-line jobs for batch image deconvolution and restoration.
HRM offers an excellent connection to the OMERO data management platform and allows also a direct up and downloading of images.

HRM is an open source project between SVI and several academic groups that runs already for many years.

More on this project can be found on the HRM Sourceforge page.

A demo version of HRM can be tested via https://hrm.svi.nl

A webinar on the HRM is scheduled for February 11th (2020). You can register here for this webinar.

Winning images of Huygens Contest 2019 viewable

Monday 16 of December, 2019
Many great images have been submitted for the Huygens Image Contest 2019. They were acquired by many different microscopes, ranging from confocal and multiphoton, towards STED and also Light Sheet.
We have selected five winners who's images and movies can be viewed here: https://svi.nl/ImageContestWinners

We hope you will participate in the next years' contest (again). Images can be submitted all year through!

We at SVI, wish you a happy holiday season

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