Huygens Batch Feeder (previously Batch Express)

Deconvolve all your newly acquired images automatically upon saving

Realtime deconvolution upon image saving.

Images saved within the user-defined Watched folder directory (even on a network drive) are fully automatically deconvolved.

Compatible with many microscope types.

Huygens supports many file formats from Widefield, Confocal, Spinning Disk, Multi-Photon, Array Detector, STED, and Light Sheet microscopes.

Fully automated batch deconvolution

Smart profiles for automated background and SNR estimation ensure high quality deconvolution.

Batch Feeder deconvolution: Easy, Fast & Efficient

The new Batch Feeder is a fully automated image processing pipeline for images present in the Watched Folder directory. Any images previously acquired or acquired on the spot, can be stored within the Watched folder, and are immediately and automatically deconvolved by Deconvolution Express within seconds and saved to an Output folder. Both folders can be on any location within the network. Batch Feeder uses smart templates and the same high-quality deconvolution algorithms that Huygens is well known for. Batch Feeder supports a wide range of microscope types and File Formats so compatibility with your image files is not an issue.

Batch Feeder at work with images from the Watched folder
Batch Feeder at work with images from the Watched folder