Iterative Maximum Likelihood Estimation

The Iterative Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) Restoration Method is an older form of the Classic Maximum Likelihood Estimation (CMLE) method. The MLE is a method of estimating the object given acquired microscopy image of it, by finding the estimate that maximize the likelihood of making the observations given the acquired image. In Huygens, this method evolved in the CMLE during the years, but the MLE is kept in the Huygens Software for backward compatibility. Therefore, we suggest to use the CMLE method to deconvolve your images. The CMLE has been optimized for deconvolution of multi-color, time sequences and 2D/3D images by using theoretical and experimental PSF, while the MLE does not include all the optimizations present for the CMLE.

For a general overview of all algorithms in Huygens see Deconvolution Algorithms.

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