Joining or Splitting different datasets or channels

In Huygens Essential

Always one image (called 'original' in the interface) is considered for DeConvolution. All other images you open are either for comparison purposes or to be combined with the original for deconvolution.
If your original is a multi-channel image it will be split by the Deconvolution Wizard into its separate channels automatically after the Preprocessing stage.
On the contrary, if you want to join different already opened images or channels in the Essential into a single Multi Channel image:

  1. Select in the taskbar Tools > Join Channels
  2. Select the number of channels you want to merge and click in the individual images or channels, don't forget to include the original as well.
  3. After combining them you can proceed to deconvolution.

You can display any of the images at any time in one of the two available windows of the Twin Slicer.

In Huygens Professional

Still more choices are available in the Huygens Professional version. You can load as many images as you like which are all individually eligible for deconvolution.
Combining more datasets or channels into a single Multi Channel image is also very easy.

  1. You click on the image you want to choose as the last channel and then select the menu entry Edit > Copy or press the button Copy.
  2. Then you select the image you want to add the copied image toand select the menu entry Tools > Join or press the button Join.
  3. The joined image is added to the display. You can repeat this and thus add more images as channels. Remember that the copied image is the one that is added to the image that is selected next.

Another example, if you have a specimen of 3 or more channels of which you only want to deconvolve two:

  1. Select the main image and press the button Split: it will be split in its separate channels in the main window of Huygens.
  2. You'll see the individual channels as separate images.
  3. Select the second image that you want to deconvolve and press Copy or use the menu entry Edit > Copy.
  4. Select the first image that you want to deconvolve and press Join or use the menu entry Tools > Join.
  5. Proceed with that image either in the Operations window or in the batch-processor with the deconvolution.