Leica LIF

LIF stands for Leica Image File, which is a file format that can store collections of images in a single file. The individual images in a LIF file can be time series and have multiple channels and, (for light-sheet data) may consist of multiple views. Data be stored in a flexible data layout in 8 or 16 bit precision. Metadata is stored in a XML header that is embedded in the file.

SVI's Huygens software can read LIF files regardless of their bit-resolution and the data layout that was used when the file was saved. Huygens allows you to extract a specific image and parses the XML to obtain all microscopic parameters that are needed for deconvolution and analysis.

Huygens-Leica data exchange option

A direct connection is available between LAS X and Huygens. You can check here if this option is available for your Leica and Huygens software.