Huygens-Leica data exchange

Important note to HyVolution 2 users

In July 2018, reports have reached us that the HyVolution 2 module in the LAS X software provides partly incorrect meta-data to Huygens in case of multi-channel data when LIF files are read into LASX and subsequently sent to Huygens via Hyvolution2. Consequently this may result in non-optimal deconvolution results. This issue is relevant when you work with multi-channel images, or when different channels have been acquired using different microscope modes (e.g. confocal and STED).
Until further notice we strongly encourage to use one of the following alternatives:

  • Open the multi-channel LIF files in Huygens directly
  • Use the 'Export to Huygens' option in LAS X to send data to Huygens

With these suggested alternatives you can use Deconvolution Express or Batch Express in Huygens for a fully automated deconvolution workflow. If required, the deconvolved data can also be sent back to LAS X with conservation of the original meta-data.
We are waiting for a response by Leica, and will update this note accordingly.
If you have questions about this issue, please contact us at support at svi.nl

Leica Lif images can be opened in the Huygens software and combined with Huygens deconvolution for improving their resolution and contrast. In addition to this, a direct connection between the Leica software and the Huygens software is available. This so-called Huygens-Leica data exchange enables you to export images directly from the Leica LAS AF and LAS X software to Huygens Essential and Professional, and vice-versa, without intermediate saving steps. In the Huygens license (and in the table below) this Huygens-Leica data exchange option, called HyVolution 1, is indicated by the "L" flag.
The link between the two softwares is present since Fall 2013 in Huygens 4.5 and in Leica LAS AF version 3.3 and later. In case you have an older version of LAS AF than the 3.3, you can install the freeware LAS X as well and use that with Huygens. If you have Huygens with the "L" flag the Huygens-Leica data exchange option will work.

Since Fall 2016, a new possibility has been introduced called the Huygens-Leica data exchange and real-time deconvolution server option, called HyVolution 2 and indicated by the "H" flag, to perform real-time deconvolution with Huygens within LAS X 3.1 using one of the deconvolution strategies. As you could already with the "L" flag, you can also send your images from LASX to Huygens and vice versa for a complete and controlled deconvolution in Huygens.

Leica Lif images are also read in via the Full File Reader option which, combined with the Image Feeder (see Edit -> Preferences), sends your images directly to Huygens as well.

Easy data exchange between Huygens (Essential/Professional) and Leica software (LAS AF 3.3 and later/LAS X).
Easy data exchange between Huygens (Essential/Professional) and Leica software (LAS AF 3.3 and later/LAS X).

The following table quickly summarizes the availability of the Huygens-Leica interface options with the available versions of the Leica software. We are happy to answer your inquiries at sales at svi.nl and help you with a Huygens test license if you want to test one of the configurations below.

If your case falls in the success category in the table, congratulations! You can exchange data between the Leica and Huygens software. We have also indicated a emission wavelengths may need verification case. In these combinations, the Huygens-Leica push-pull option is also fully supported, but it is suggested to check emission wavelengths of the images when they arrive in Huygens before performing deconvolution. In order to check the metadata, open the Parameter editor to inspect the wavelengths Microscopy parameters. You can also save all parameters together as Parameter templates, and re-use them every time that you acquire images with the same settings.

Since Huygens version 16.10 it is necessary to select the version of LAS X installed. It is possible to do so via Edit -> Preferences, select at the bottom of the window (see screeshot below) if LAS X 2.x or 3.x is installed and press OK. You need to restart Huygens to activate the new preferences.

Select the version of LAS X via Edit - Preferences.
Select the version of LAS X via Edit - Preferences.

Huygens Professional
Leica LAS AF 3.3 (2013)Leica LAS X 2.0.1 (2014) (*)Leica LAS X 3.1.1 (2016) (**)Leica LAS X 3.1.5 (2017)Leica LAS X 3.4 (2018)Leica LAS X 3.5.1 and 3.5.2 (2018)
Huygens Professional 4.5 (Fall 2013)++----
Huygens Professional 14.06 (Spring 2014)++----
Huygens Professional 14.10 (Fall 2014)++----
Huygens Professional 15.05 (Spring 2015)++++----
Huygens Professional 15.10 (Fall 2015)++++----
Huygens Professional 16.05 (Spring 2016)++++++++++
Huygens Professional 16.05.1 (Fall 2016)++++++, +++++, +++++, +++
Huygens Professional 16.10 (Fall 2016)++++++, +++++, +++++, +++
Huygens Professional 17.04 (Spring 2017)++++++, +++++, +++++, +++
Huygens Professional 17.10 (Fall 2017)++++++, +++++, +++++, +++++, +++
Huygens Professional 18.04 (Spring 2018)++++++, +++++, +++++, +++++, +++
Huygens Professional 18.10 (Fall 2018)++++++, +++++, +++++, +++++, +++
Huygens Professional 19.04(Spring 2019)-++++, +++++, +++++, +++++, +++

Huygens Essential
Leica LAS AF 3.3 (2013)Leica LAS X 2.0.1 (2014) (*)Leica LAS X 3.1.1 (2016) (**)Leica LAS X 3.1.5 (2017)Leica LAS X 3.4 (2018)Leica LAS X 3.5.1 and 3.5.2 (2018)
Huygens Essential 4.5 (Fall 2013)------
Huygens Essential 14.06 (Spring 2014)-+----
Huygens Essential 14.10 (Fall 2014)-+----
Huygens Essential 15.05 (Spring 2015)-++----
Huygens Essential 15.10 (Fall 2015)-++----
Huygens Essential 16.05 (Spring 2016)-++++++++
Huygens Essential 16.05.1 (Fall 2016)-++++, +++++, +++++, +++
Huygens Essential 16.10 (Fall 2016)-++++, +++++, +++++, +++
Huygens Essential 17.04 (Spring 2017)-++++, +++++, +++++, +++
Huygens Essential 17.10 (Fall 2017)-++++, +++++, +++++, +++++, +++
Huygens Essential 18.04 (Spring 2018)-++++, +++++, +++++, +++++, +++
Huygens Essential 18.10 (Fall 2018)-++++, +++++, +++++, +++++, +++
Huygens Essential 19.04(Spring 2019)-++++, +++++, +++++, +++++, +++


Huygens-Leica data exchange and real-time deconvolution server supported,
please contact support@svi.nl in case you report issues with these LAS X versions
++, +++
Huygens-Leica data exchange and real-time deconvolution server supported ("H" flag, HyVolution 2)+++
Huygens-Leica data exchange supported ("L" flag, HyVolution 1)++
Huygens-Leica data exchange supported, emission wavelengths may need verification ("L" flag, HyVolution 1)+
Huygens-Leica data exchange may work, but compatibility is not sufficiently tested and cannot be guarenteed
Huygens-Leica data exchange not supported-

(*) The "L" flag is supported in LAS X 2.0.1, however problems have been reported with the "L" flag in LAS X 2.0.0. We suggest to migrate to 2.1 to solve these problems.

(**) The "L" flag is supported in LAS X 3.1.1, however problems have been reported with the "L" flag in LAS X 3.1.0.