Maintenance and Upgrade contract (M&U)

We are continuously improving and adding new features to the Huygens software. Feedback of our customers has been, and remains, essential for offering the most advanced and reliable software tools. We highly value long-term collaborations with our customers.
We offer an extensive maintenance and upgrade package for max 10% per year of the current list price for the node-locked license lowered to 8.5% and 7.5% for more years.
For a Huygens Floating License to be used everywhere: for one concurrent user max 15% (base fee + 5%), for two concurrent users only 3% extra and for the third and following a mere 2% extra. If the M&U contract is not extended, your floating license will be converted to node-locked. The count of node-locked instances will be two less than the number of concurrent users with a minimum of one.

Huygens Everywhere via subscription has full website support and usage to the latest Huygens versions everywhere by logging in with your personal account.

M&U for the Nodelocked and Floating Huygens licenses includes:
  1. Two major upgrades per year to latest version, and about twenty updates intermittent. See also WhatsNew.
  2. Bug fixes (correction of code or algorithm aspects of the SW) officiated via the updates.
  3. Up-to-date compatibility of your File formats.
  4. Support via email, telephone, and desktop-sharing, for problems users may encounter with installation, data acquisition & imaging.
  5. Free migration of your license to new hardware within each year (same or different OS).
  6. Possibility to add new options to the license.
  7. Customized remote lectures and training by SVI staff for you and your colleagues.
  8. Course and Workshop Support: materials and temporary licenses when you organize a course in your facility or institute. Can also include specific remote lectures.
  9. Direct email and phone contact with your personal imaging specialist at SVI.
  10. Access to the extensive customer-only SVI Wiki, with FAQ, up-to-date manuals, and articles on topics like deconvolution, imaging pitfalls, and visualization and analysis
  11. Default every year right to swap or migrate basics or options by paying the delta (if any) between original purchase and current list-price.

License Migrations and Incidental Upgrades.

Your needs in deconvolution may change. Our product-range is broadened continuously.
  1. If you want to migrate from one to another (new) Basic or Option you can do so by paying the price difference (if any) between the two.
  2. Moving your license to a different Operations Systems (Windows, Mac or Linux) is seen as a new Huygens SysID and free van charge if you have valid maintenance (EoM in the future).
  3. When out of maintenance, we offer an upgrade alone for 7% per year out of maintenance (of current total list price). If you decide to combine M&U for one or more years with an upgrade of your license, you need to pay an upgrade for 6% per year out of maintenance and the M&U fee from the month the new license is issued.
  4. When you need to move your Huygens license with an older version number to another computer (same OS) while your maintenance has expired you may do so for an administrative fee. The backwards compatibility goes back four major releases into the past.

See also our Standard Terms and Conditions and contact us whenever something is yet unclear.