Maintenance and Upgrade contract (M&U)

We are continuously improving and adding new features to the Huygens Software. Feedback of our customers has been, and remains, crucial for offering the most advanced and reliable software tools and high quality support. We very much value the long-term collaborations that we have with all our customers.

Having Maintenance & Upgrades for the Nodelocked and Licensed Huygens Everywhere includes:
  1. We 24/7 support you, to make Huygens more user-friendly, add new features, develop solutions for imaging new microscopy techniques.
  2. Two major upgrades per year to the latest version and about twenty intermittent updates/patches reflect this. See also WhatsNew.
  3. Customers who need patches urgently before official release can get special download links.
  4. Support via email, telephone, and desktop-sharing, for problems users may encounter with installation, data acquisition & imaging.
  5. Specific remote lectures and training by SVI staff for you and your colleagues.
  6. Course and Workshop Support: materials and temporary licenses when you organize a course in your facility or institute. Can also include specific remote lectures.
  7. Invitations for Huygens Webinars presenting latest Huygens developments.
  8. Access to Huygens Imaging Academy, written tutorials, webinars held, up-to-date manuals, White-papers.
  9. Default every year right to swap or migrate basics or options by paying the difference (if any) between original purchase and current list-price.
  10. Right to migrate Huygens license to another Department or University if the owner-scientist moves there. Valid maintenance contract required. The former license(s) must be deleted fully while the former Department/University delivers a written statement of approval.
  11. In case of node-locked licenses: Default every year free migration of your license to new hardware (same or different OS).
  12. In case of Floating Everywhere licenses: it is mandatory to have an active M&U agreement for your Floating Everywhere license to keep using Huygens as floating. When your Floating Everywhere M&U almost ends, we will send you an offer for the possibility to renew for one or multiple years. When choosing not to renew your Floating M&U agreement, your Floating license will be converted into a node-locked license for the then current version. You will get one node-locked license per 5 concurrent users at the EOM date that will continue to work with the then current version on the hardware with the sysID at that time.

See also our Standard Terms and Conditions and contact us whenever something is yet unclear.