Huygens Software: by Scientific Volume Imaging

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The Huygens Software is named after Christiaan Huygens, who studied and described the diffraction of light waves. The Software includes many image processing options, for brightfield and all types of fluorescence Microscope images. With Huygens it is possible to perform image deconvolution and restoration, interactive analysis and volume visualization in 2D-4D, multi-channel and time. Additional Server and GPU-based Options ensure maximization of hardware performance. Please click here for more information about Huygens deconvolution. Feel also free to download the software and request a free trail license.

Different flavors

The Huygens software comes in different flavors offering solutions for both single users and multi-user facilities. We also offer a Huygens web-based interface, Huygens Remote Manager, available for submitting deconvolution tasks via your internet browser to the compute engine Huygens Core. It is possible to get Huygens and additional options as a node-locked license, leased license or in a floating license configuration.

Part of the Huygens Software are, among others:

Raw Widefield
Huygens Deconvolved

Results of the Huygens deconvolution of a widefield image.


You can download the Huygens software from our website for free. After installing and starting the Huygens software, you can request a temporary test license to explore the Huygens deconvolution, visualization and restoration options. Feel free to try out all our products for free. There are also many FreeWare tools in the software that can run without any license.


Scientific references to SVI software.