Huygens software user preferences

Under Edit -> Preferences in Huygens Essential and Huygens Professional, the user can set some preferences to configure the usability of the software, like color schemes or selecting a different GPU card when there are more than one available in the machine.

You can also configure the default directories for the File Open and File Save dialogs: the last used one, or always the same.

4K monitor scaling

Since version 17.04, Huygens is able to scale fonts, buttons, windows and icons which is useful when using Huygens on a 4K monitor. 4K monitors are monitor with vertically more than 3000 pixels. Apple call these monitors 'retina screens'. Settings regarding scaling can be found in the Preferences window. With the entry box, you can manually select the scaling value. A check box allows Huygens to automatically detect the right scaling setting (checkbox enbled) or to use the scaling setting as defined in the Preference file that was saved with the last Huygens instance(checkbox disabled). After changing the scaling setting, Huygens needs to be restarted to have a fully scaled Huygens.

Global color palette

Click on Edit global colors to open the Color picker tool, which allows you to alter the colors for the different image channels. The color of a particular channel can be edited by clicking the corresponding button. This opens a color editor that is different for the different supported platforms. To use these colors in a window, don't forget to specify the global color mode in that window if it is possible.

GUI color theme

In the preferences window you can change the color theme of the Huygens Software. You can chose between the day and night theme depending on what you like most to work with.