Recommended reading

General microscopic literature

Principles of Optics (Born, M. & E. Wolf)
This is the handbook on optical microscopy. It is often called just `Born and Wolf'. You can find the definition of `optical coordinates', the 3D intensity distribution in the focus of a lens and many other basic concepts here.

Waves in focal regions (Jacob Stamnes)
In this book you find all you want to know about the behavior of light in the focus of a microscope lens.

Electronic light microscopy (David Shotton)
With the subtitle "Techniques in Modern Biomedical Microscopy", this book covers a broad range of topics starting from sampling theory, vital staining & time lapse microscopy to visualization of confocal images.

Introduction to Fourier Optics (Joseph Goodman)
Sometimes referred to as 'Fourier Optics'. A very comprehensive book treating Fourier theory in optics. It provides a thorough theoretical framework.

General image processing literature

Digital Image Processing (Gonzalez & Woods)
This is the much improved version of the earlier Gonzalez & Wintz book. You find the digital image processing basics here as well as chapters on image enhancement (filtering) image segmentation and image restoration. A good book to own.

Numerical Recipes in C (Press)

You can find clear explanations here on Fourier Transforms and how Fast Fourier transforms work. In addition, there are a few sections on image restoration. Also available is an edition online!!! (http://www.nrbook.com)

General confocal literature

Handbook of confocal microscopy (James Pawley)
(first and second edition) These books cover a broad range of topics in the field of confocal microscopy. You should have them on the shelf, especially the second edition.

Confocal microscopy (Tony Wilson)
This book concentrates more on the theoretical aspects of the confocal microscope. In addition you can find chapters on the design of confocal microscopes here.

Confocal scanning light microscopy with high aperture immersion lenses (Fred Brakenhoff et al)
This early paper is the basic reference for confocal microscopy as we know it today.

Optical fluorescence microscopy in 3 dimensions: microtomoscopy (Roel Wijnaends van Resandt et al) Basic reference for 3D confocal principle of fluorescent objects.

Aberrations in confocal fluorescence microscopy induced by mismatches in refractive index. (Stefan Hell et al).
A thorough study of refractive index mismatch problems.

3D image formation in a high-aperture fluorescence confocal microscope: a numerical analysis (Hans van der Voort and Fred Brakenhoff) Basic reference for high aperture confocal PSF computation. The software used for this paper is a remote ancestor for the PSF generator in the Huygens System.

Various papers of Colin Sheppard.
Sheppard and Wilson have laid the theoretical framework for confocal microscopy. In particular we like Sheppard's papers on the band limits of confocal system (spatial frequency cut-off). Use these if you need a reference for the band limit.


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