System ID

After downloading and starting the Huygens software you can send the Huygens system ID (sysID) which is a code that identifies your computer like a fingerprint. It enables us to generate a License String for you to use the Huygens Software with a Node-locked license. Alternatively, it is also possible to use Huygens via a login with Huygens Everywhere.

The system ID is a series of 16 hexadecimal digits. It does not contain any personal information, it is generated based on some hardware and operating system serial numbers. It looks like ac90-b413-992f-49a9.

The unique system ID of your computer is displayed in the HelpAbout dialog of Huygens Essential or Huygens Professional. To prevent any typing error use the copy button to copy the ID to the clipboard and paste it into an e-mail to SVI.


Notice again that this ID is generated based on serial numbers of some of your hardware components. If you change any of these the System ID may change, and the License Strings generated for it no longer work. A typical problem is caused by the change of a Network card. Consult your maintenance contract and Contact SVI to see how to update your license strings in such a case.