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This is part of the Backprojected Pinhole Calculator.


The microscope reports the diameter length (d) of the circular emission pinholes in the scanning array in microns (µm). Use this reported value in the form below.

The value will be averaged (RMS) with the fixed excitation pinhole of 50 µm.

The system magnification is reported to be 1.0. The simplified equation to calculate the Back Projected Pinhole Radius in nanometers is therefore $$r_b\approx 353.5 \sqrt{d^2 + 50^2} / m_{obj}$$.


Detection pinhole diameter (microns)
Objective magnification

Pinhole distance

The pinhole distance in the array is always 250 µm, so the Back Projected Pinhole Distance is easy to calculate:

b.p. pinhole distance = 250 µm / objective_magnification

For a 100× lens, the backprojected pinhole distance is 250 µm / 100 = 2.5 µm. The following is a table with the most common magnification factors.

Magnification Back Projected Pinhole Distance
100 2.5 µm
60 4.17 µm
40 6.25 µm
20 12.5 µm
10 25.0 µm