Batch Processor

The Batch Processor is optimally suited for deconvolution of images at a large scale using selected templates for the microscopy and restoration parameters. The possibility to use such templates with fixed parameters allows you to apply the same settings to many images, ensuring that the data can be compared and quantified in a trustworthy manner. Once you know how to deal with a particular kind of dataset and are sure of the microscopy and restoration settings (as explained in for example Deconvolution Procedure), you can save these parameters as templates and apply them to many similar image files or to complete folders with data-sets.
A batch process is made of independent image restoration tasks (one per image), that are executed one by one until all are finished. Multiple tasks are distributed and parallelized according to the number of CPUs and multiple GPU cards available in your computer.

The Batch Processor is a ready-to-use feature within Huygens Essential, Huygens Professional and Huygens Localizer . Aside from the Batch Processor, Huygens can be equipped with Batch Express, which allows unsupervised batch deconvolution with settings that are automatically determined for each individual image. For batch processing at a massive scale, we like to refer you to Huygens Core and its web-based interface, Huygens Remote Manager.

View of the Batch processor window with one scheduled and ready-to-run task.
View of the Batch processor window with one scheduled and ready-to-run task.

How to use it

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