Huygens Floating Everywhere

A Flexible multi-user Huygens solution!

Huygens Everywhere

Low cost multi-user solution

Multiple users can use Huygens on their own local machine

Simple and quick to set-up

The external license servers are fully maintained by SVI.

Extremely flexible

Use Huygens on any workstation, PC or laptop anywhere everywhere!

Try out or or reques pricing information for (upgrading to) Floating:

Why a Floating License?

Multi-user access for Huygens is already possible with the web-based Huygens Remote Manager, and Remote Display application sharing, yet these solutions are designed for running on a single powerful workstation/server. But what if you have multiple independent workstations, either in the lab or at home and what if you would like to make Huygens available on those as well? To address the growing use of the Huygens software, we have introduced a new floating license concept that extends the flexibility of our Huygens multi-user solutions.

The floating license system is a great solution, as it allows you to use Huygens on multiple systems and for a fraction of the cost of multiple node-locked licenses.

How does it work?

The Huygens floating license system is based either on a license for a set of IP addresses in your institute or on a simple set of credentials for usage everywhere allowing great flexibility for low multi-user costs.
Authorizations are sent by email to you.
It is possible to increase the number of concurrent users that are allowed to use Huygens in floating mode. Contact sales at svi.nl.
The # of concurrent users can start from one, we advice, also for smaller labs, to work with three concurrent users minimally to ensure research can continue seamlessly both in the lab and from home offices.
The floating license allows the users to run Huygens on their local machines, there is no centralized computation server and no remote login required. Since the user can run and use Huygens locally, the user can also decide when to update the software.

What are the advantages?

  • Huygens can be used on multiple systems with low multi-user costs (as low as 6% of the list-prices).
  • No need to maintain a license server. The license server is external and managed completely by SVI.
  • No third parties involved in the license mechanism.
  • Easy to download and to install (regular Huygens Suite installer).
  • No unauthorized access possible.

Huygens Everywhere

Huygens Floating License Features

  • You determine the number of concurrent users.
  • Adding another concurrent user can be done for a price as low as 6% of the list-prices.
  • You want Huygens Floating available only in your facility? Choose your range of IP addresses in which the Huygens floating licenses can be used. You can adapt this range any time by sending an email to support at svi.nl with the changed or new range of IP addresses.
  • You want Huygens Floating savely enabled everywhere? We will send you your credentials for full access anytime, everywhere.
  • Each Huygens instance (client) with a floating license, will connect with our floating license servers on startup. The floating license servers will check if the credentials or the IP address is allowed to use the Huygens floating license. If the client is authorized, the server validates and the user can use Huygens on his or her computer. This all happens in a few milliseconds, so the user hardly notices.

The Huygens floating license is a great multi-user solution, whether you are a small lab or large microscopy facility, the amount of concurrent users and license configuration can be completely tailored to your specific needs.

Would you like to know more?

If would like to learn more about how the Huygens floating license could be useful in your lab or facility, then you are always welcome to contact us at sales at svi.nl for further details. If you already have a node-locked Huygens license, and would like to discuss the possibilities for upgrading your license to a floating license, please feel free to contact us.

Alternative multi-user solutions

Alternative methods to enable multi-user access to Huygens is Huygens Everywhere (see below), Remote Display, possible with a node locked Huygens Essential or Professional license, and the Huygens Remote Manager with the Huygens Core as its powerful engine offers a great multi-user solution for facilities with a central image processing server for high-throughput imaging allowing hundreds of simultaneous users.

Looking for a short-term user solution?

If you are looking for a one or more users for immediate implementation Huygens Everywhere will be exactly what you need. You can order instantly for a specific project.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Check if you have a working internet connection.
  • Check if your firewall blocks the outgoing connections.
  • Check if you supplied us with the correct IP addresses.

SVI has multiple license servers (validating the floating license accounts) spread at different locations around the world. Each server acts as a back-up of the other two servers.
So the Huygens floating license system is well protected against possible failures, and ensures minimal impact for the actual user in case of server issues.

The annual M&U fee for a Huygens Floating License is for one concurrent user 15% (base fee + 5%) of the current license list-price, for two concurrent users +10%, etc. If the M&U contract is not extended, the floating license will be converted into a node-locked license.