Huygens Floating Everywhere

A Flexible multi-user Huygens solution!

Huygens Everywhere

New access mode

Enabled with SVI-Login: Users can fully access the Huygens Software everywhere

Upgrade from Computer-Locked

To floating everywhere while your computer-locked license remains 100% intact

Insight via User Portal

Giving great Flexability & Insight for Management & Booking system

Try out or or reques pricing information for (upgrading to) Floating:

More flexibility in access for your users Everywhere

Huygens floating Everywhere gives safe and instant multi-user access wherever they are working for highly reduced fees per extra user.
As a user you can work on every computer with your Huygens Professional, Essential or Localizer with your personal or group SVI log in, at home, in the lab or microscopy room, while traveling etc.
As administrator you can add users, see their actual usage in your personal SVI userportal for your booking system.

More flexibility in access for your users in the facility

Huygens floating everywhere works everywhere with internet. The IP based floating system works a bit differently, is already used widespread and is there to stay with its more restricted hardware base and licenses instead of credentials.

Key aspect for both access modes remains your licensing rights of Huygens. This solution offers you long-term security and the same excellent support as for computer-locked Huygens already.

Huygens credentials and User Portal

At the SVI registration page. Once confirmed via email you can access the SVI website, your Huygens license and the Huygens UserPortal.

The Huygens floating Everywhere work with credentials. Huygens’ first point of contact is also administrator with her/his own Userportal. As the number of concurrent users can run from one to many each concurrent user can get her/his own credential set and be added by the administrator in the Userportal.
This gives a possibility to allocate to each group or user their own set of credentials in the SVI Userportal and on to your booking-system.
Facilities using the IP based Huygens floating have improvements like easier external connection to the Huygens servers.
For both systems there is no need for any extra installation. Merely go to the Huygens download page on any computer you want to use Huygens, and once installed choose either the access mode Huygens Everywhere or add the IP-based license string. The first access mode works everywhere with internet, the second works within the IP range connected to the Huygens license.

As license owner, if you see the usage increasing do not hesitate to contact sales@svi.nl as the additional costs for an extra user will be low.

What are the advantages?

The Huygens floating license is a great multi-user solution, whether you are a small lab or large microscopy facility, the amount of concurrent users and license configuration can be completely tailored to your specific needs.
  • Huygens can be used on multiple systems with low multi-user costs (as low as 6% of the list-prices).
  • No need to maintain a license server. The license server is external and managed completely by SVI.
  • No third parties involved in the license mechanism.
  • Easy to download and to install (regular Huygens Suite installer).
  • No unauthorized access possible.

Would you like to know more?

If would like to learn more about how the Huygens floating license could be useful in your lab or facility, then you are always welcome to contact us at sales at svi.nl for further details. If you already have a node-locked Huygens license, and would like to discuss the possibilities for upgrading your license to a floating license, please feel free to contact us.

Alternative multi-user solutions

Alternative methods to enable multi-user access to Huygens is Huygens Everywhere monthly subscription, Remote Display, possible with a computer locked Huygens Essential or Professional license, and the Huygens Remote Manager with the Huygens Core as its powerful engine offers a great multi-user solution for facilities with a central image processing server for high-throughput imaging allowing hundreds of simultaneous users.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Check if you have a working internet connection.
  • Check if your firewall blocks the outgoing connections.
  • Check if you supplied us with the correct IP addresses.

SVI has multiple license servers (validating the floating license accounts) spread at different locations around the world. Each server acts as a back-up of the other two servers.
So the Huygens floating license system is well protected against possible failures, and ensures minimal impact for the actual user in case of server issues.

The annual M&U fee for a Huygens Floating License is for one concurrent user 15% (base fee + 5%) of the current license list-price, for two concurrent users +10%, etc. If the M&U contract is not extended, the floating license will be converted into a node-locked license.