SPIM/Light Sheet Fusion & Deconvolution Wizard

This Wizard has been succeeded by the Huygens Fuser

For deconvolving and fusing multiview SPIM/LightSheet images, we offer now the interactive Huygens Fuser in Huygens Essential and Huygens Professional. This powerful light sheet fusion and deconvlution option uses interactive scenes for optimal alignment of multiview data. Huygens Fuser is the successor of the popular Fusion & Deconvolution Wizard, which was released with Huygens version 17.04 and was available under 'Deconvolution' in the Huygens taskbar. Since Huygens 19.10, you find the Huygens Fuser under this menu instead. The Fusion & Deconvolution Wizard has moved to the "Tools->Legacy" menu. This webpage provides more detail about the Fusion & Deconvolution Wizard. For more information about the Huygens Fuser we like to refer to the Huygens Fuser website.

The previous LIght Sheet Fusion and Deconvolution Wizard offers one simple workflow for deconvolving and fusing multiple views from different directions of the same specimen into one single superior image. By integrating the deconvolution into the fusion process, improved results can be obtained, while significantly simplifying and optimizing the post-processing steps. Another big advantage of the Huygens Fusion & Deconvolution Wizard is that there is no need to include beads in the sample for aligning multiview data.

The terms Fusion and Stitching can be confused. The Fusion & Deconvolution Wizard is specifically built for Lightsheet and SPIM datasets to address signal degradation in single multi view datasets which are fused into a final single restored image. On the other hand, the Stitching & Deconvolution Wizard stitches tiles of different field of views to one 'mosaic' image.

In collaboration with researchers at Harvard Medial School (Boston, USA) and Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France), we published an article in Microscopy Today on Light Sheet Fusion and Deconvolution, with examples of Zeiss Z1 Light Sheet and Lattice Light Sheet images. You can access the pdf here.


"Deconvolution of lightsheet data is not a trivial task, and also fusion of multiviews is in my experience with other software packages a trial and error process. I was really amazed by the Fusion Wizard in Huygens that actually accomplishes both tasks fast and efficiently”, Dr. Marco Marcello (Imaging Manager, University of Liverpool, UK).

"I tested the lightsheet fusion with 8-view lightsheet stacks of a drosophila ovary. The fusion worked great! What was especially useful was that it did the registration and fusion without fiducial marker beads in the images", Dr. Benjamin Lopez (NRI-MCDB Microscopy Facility Director, University of California Santa Barbara, USA).


Below you can find two examples of images that have been deconvolved and fused with the Huygens software in the Deconvolution & Fusion Wizard.

Denis Ressnikoff from the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, in France was so kind to share with us his Zeiss Z1 data. His images were acquired at 360 degrees with 45 degrees steps. Deconvolution and fusion of this data by Huygens clearly improves the contrast of the images.

This second Fusion & Deconvolution Wizard example shows two images acquired separately with illumination from opposing sides with the Zeiss Z1. The images have been kindly provided by Shingo Nagawa from the Chinese academy of Sciences. Images show a leaf from the plant Arabidopsis deconvolved and fused with Huygens. A detail of the stomata and a line profile through these structures show a significant boost in resolution and signal to noise ratio.

Huygens Fused + Deconvolved

Manual & More information

If you would like to have more information on the SPIM/Light Sheet Fusion & Deconvolution Wizard and how to use it, please take a look at our manual which can be downloaded here. You can also request a free trail license in case you would like to try the the Fusion & Deconvolution Wizard or any other option available within the Huygens software.