Invitation for Huygens Webinar: Huygens Stitching & Deconvolution

The Huygens Webinar about the Huygens Stitching & Deconvolution wizard took place on Tuesday 30th of January 2018 at 9 AM CET, 5 PM JST, 7 PM AEDT, and 5 PM CET, 8 AM PST, 11 AM EST. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and for testing the Huygens Stitcher on your images. You are welcome to download Huygens 17.10 via our Download page and request a test license with full options.

Webinars are regularly organized by Scientific Volume Imaging. You can find more information about the webinar schedule via this link.

Automatic Vignetting correction and Stitching

No Vignetting Correction
Auto Vignetting correction

Huygens stitched tiles of widefield (Leica) fluorescent Leica LIF data. The same data is shown with and without Huygens automatic vignetting and shading correction. Image represents a developing mouse cortex (P30) stained for Tbr1 and reelin.

Stitching of a Zeiss CZI with more than 1,700 tiles

An impressive 1700+ tile compound merged by the Huygens Stitcher to a large 60GB dataset. Notice the scaling bar indicating 2 mm. Raw data by © Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH.

Features of the Huygens Stitching & Deconvolution wizard

  • Mosaic preview of the tile content.
  • Optimal positioning of each tile to guarantee smooth transitions across regions of overlap.
  • Tiles with 0% overlap can still be stitched.
  • Registration and deconvolution is supported by GPU .
  • Support for 2D, 3D, multichannel, and time series images.
  • 3D position optimization in X, Y and Z.
  • No limit to the number of tiles that can be stitched.
  • No limit to the total file size of the input sequence.
  • Stitches all file types supported in Huygens (some by providing an XML file with layout information).
  • Reads layout information from LIF and CZI formats automatically.
  • Improved support for custom stitching patterns.
  • Automatic vignetting estimation and correction for each channel.
  • Manual vignetting and shading correction option by including recorded flat-field and dark-frame images.
  • Choice for only stitching and optional vignetting also possible by simply skipping deconvolution in this wizard.
  • Integrated Huygens deconvolution for the merging of restored tiles.