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WEBINAR (June 14, 2022): Getting the absolute best and most true results from your Array (Airyscan) Detector images.

Interested in even faster image acquisition using your Array Detector (incl. the Zeiss Airyscan 1&2) system and getting the absolute best and most reliable results out of these images? If so, then this Webinar may interest you. We will show how you can measure the quality of your specific array detector setup using Huygens Array Analyzer for Quality Control. Also, example images will be shown of typical artifacts that arise when using incorrect restoring approaches for array detector data. Furthermore, Huygens unrivalled Super-sampling mode will be explained which permits you to image much faster at twice the Nyquist pixel size and nonetheless obtain a significant resolution increase. Huygens renowned PSF Distiller is also addressed for getting Array Detector PSFs that reflect the specific aberrations of your Array Detector microscope for quality control measurements and to further enhance deconvolution results.


Fast Airyscan (Zeiss) image of a dendrite was deconvolved with Huygens unrivalled SuperY deconvolution which generates a super-resolution image of unprecedented quality. Left image shows sum of the 16 detectors. Right image: Huygens unmatched SuperY deconvolution. C/o Giovanna Expósito, Servicio de Imagen, Instituto de Neurociencias CSIC-UMH. More at Huygens-Array-Detector-Software.

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