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WEBINAR (October 4, 2022): New Quality Control tool for Array (Airyscan) Detector images. Part 2.

This webinar will follow up on our previous Array Detector (AD) webinar held in June. We'll now demo the new Quality Control tool which automatically calculate and visualize the relative positions and intensities of each used detector with respect to the central detector. By making optimal use of this position and intensity information, Huygens Array (Airyscan) Detector deconvolution is able to separate objects less than 70nm apart and produce reliable and quantifiable results. We will also show you how to identify incorrect AD image processing.

WEBINAR (October 25, 2022): Quickly visualize your images for side-by-side comparison and make publication-ready figures.

In this webinar, we will explain the new Look-Up Table (LUT)/Contrast Editor in Huygens Twin Slicer and (Twin) MIP renderers. This LUT/Contrast Editor helps you to make easy intensity comparisons between images, map image intensities to colors, and make high quality images. Also, a newly implemented 3D MIP rendering approach ensures the highest degree of artifact-free image projection currently possible - see for yourself! In addition, we'll show you how to export images to make publication-ready material, and how to save your precious images with metadata in a future-proof format.


Quality Control for Array (Airyscan) Detector images. Visualize the relative positions and intensities of all Array detectors, and deconvole Array Detector image data optimally.

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