Huygens Workflow Processor

Design your batch processing workflow with a simple drag and drop of tasks

Batch process all your images with a custom-made workflow.

Apply optimally designed workflows to groups of images and treat all data similarly for quantification studies.

Combine different restoration and analysis steps in one workflow.

More than 10 different Huygens operations can be combined in one workflow for optimal (high-content) image restoration.

Previews of the raw and restored image are presented on the fly.

Monitor the batch processing with interactive previews of the raw and restored images, and be in full control.

Workflow Processor: Complete, Fast, and reliable

With the release of Huygens 20.10, the new ''Workflow Processor'' is introduced as the successor of the Batch Processor. Similar to the Batch Processor, the Workflow Processor enables you to apply a specific image processing pipeline to one or a group of images, making certain that multiple images are treated in the exact same manner. When adding a new task within the main window of the ''Workflow Processor'', a new ''Workflow Designer'' window appears which allows you to design a specific sequence of processing steps. Operations like changing image dimensions, deconvolution, chromatic aberration correction, drift correction, Autocrop, and file format conversion can be easily included in a workflow with a simple drag and drop approach. Once a task, consisting of one or a set of images and a workflow is scheduled within the main ''Workflow Processor'' window, and the batch processing has started, previews of the raw and restored image are displayed in the preview window (see figure below).

Previews of the raw and processed images are displayed within the Workflpow Processor main window.