Huygens Localizer published in Microscopy Today (this March issue + cover)

Thursday 19 of March, 2020
With the help of many research groups and imaging facilities worldwide, we have published Huygens Localizer in this Microscopy Today March issue. This article summarizes all the advantages of using Huygens Localizer for 2D and 3D SMLM (PALM, STORM, GSDIM, PAINT) analysis, and compares its performance, accuracy and precision with the most commonly used package ThunderSTORM.

This article could not have been made without the help of many research groups that contributed with images and with suggestions during the development of Huygens Localizer. Special thanks to groups at the University of Helsinki, the ALMF - EMBL Heidelberg, the Goethe University Frankfurt, the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, and the University of Calgary (see also the "Acknowledgements" paragraph).

View the Microscopy Today March2020 issue or download the PDF online