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WEBINAR (July 4th, 2023): WhatsNew in the new Huygens 23.04 release.

More extensive options for batch image processing, renaming of image file names, and more tools in the Object Analyzer. These are the main highlights in the new Huygens 23.04 release.
The Workflow Processor now includes tasks for Object Analysis and CrossTalk correction for batch image processing. Also deconvolution with optimal settings automatically determined for every image can now be applied using the "Automatic" deconvolution algorithm setting in the deconvolution template.
Via the command line of Huygens Core, it is now possible to apply a workflow template to multiple images, which makes it easy to integrate Huygens deconvolution and processing in your existing custom workflows, and to implement Huygens with a job scheduler (e.g. Slurm). And there is a lot more listed on this Whatsnew webpage and discussed in this webinar.

New Workflow Processor now with batch Object Analysis. Inset shows Object Analyzer scene with objects colored according to the cluster they belong to using the Cluster Analyzer