Background values (per channel)

Background per channel (Background Perc in the Batch Script) is a Restoration Parameter in the Huygens Software that sets the BackGround level to be "removed" during the restoration.

When the background is automatically estimated

When the Background Mode is not manual the background value per channel sets a percentage of correction of the automatically estimated value.

For example, set this to zero to accept the estimated value as is, or set it to -10 to reduce the estimated value in 10%.

Using relative values to correct the background estimations is a good procedure to apply comparable background corrections for a series of images. And in all cases the user has the control on what is going on during the Image Restoration: it is the user who specifies what is background to be removed and what is not (see also Background Mode).

When the background is set manually

When the Background Mode is manual these values of background per channel are taken as absolute intensity values to be removed. See Background Estimation to see how you can find these values.