Huygens STED 3D optical Option

STED images (from STimulated Emission Depletion microscopes) can be deconvolved with Huygens with truly stunning results. The Huygens 3D STED optical option take into account the specific features of 3D STED systems which have significantly better Z sampling than the classical STED systems.

As all 3D STED microscopes also include functionalities for conventional STED, a Huygens software license for a STED 3D system also requires a Huygens STED & Stabilizer option.

The unique feature of the STED microscopes is that it does not have a bandwidth limit, i.e. a barrier beyond which object details are not imaged. While other super resolution systems are still hampered by this wavelength dependent limit, a STED microscope moves happily beyond it.

The Z-resolution, which is a very important part of biological research, is for conventional STED systems similar to Confocals and for STED 3D significantly better than in the regular STED systems. You will see that the gain in resolution in Z will result in a bit less resolution in X and Y though. The choice for more resolution in either lateral or axial direction can be made very simply and elegantly in the acquisition software.

For both STED and STED 3D images you will get a huge increase in contrast and resolution by applying the two Huygens STED deconvolution options. (see the 22 nm resolution obtained with STED)

General information about STED deconvolution and analysis can be found at STED deconvolution

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