How you can freely and fully test our image restoration and analysis software


The Huygens Software is a collection of packages for image restoration, visualization and analysis, specially intended for fluorescence microscopy. See what our users say about our products at the Customer Testimonials page.

While you are testing these programs you get the same high-quality support as normal users, including extended access to the SVI-wiki on microscopy.

Download the software

You can freely download the software for your specific platform from our Download Section.

Install the software

It is very easy to install. See Huygens Installation for platform specific details. To read more about the programs, see Huygens Software.

Ask for a free of charge test license/Everywhere access

The program has many FreeWare functionalities that will work directly, but if you would like to test all the available options (including HuygensDeconvolution) you need to apply for a Huygens test license or Everywhere access and install either.

During the testing period you'll have access to all of the capabilities of the HuygensSoftware and also receive our full technical support, including assistance in restoring your datasets and access to the Imaging Academy.

Register first and install the Huygens suite. There are two access modes, The first Huygens Everywhere with the same credentials you entered at your registration allowing uage of Huygens on every computer with internet. The second the Huygens SystemID in either Huygens package via the Help -> About menu for one computer. To prevent any typing error use the copy button in that dialog to save the ID to the clipboard and paste into the LicenseRequest.

About Huygens

See what our users say about our products at the Customer Testimonials page.