Join the WhatsNew Huygens 19.10 Webinar on Nov. 12th

Friday 01 of November, 2019
On November 12th, we will have two webinar sessions (9AM and 5PM CET) about all the great new things in Huygens upcoming 19.10 release.

To name just a few of these:

  • We now officially release the new Huygens Fuser, which is the more interactive and computationally more efficient successor of the Light Sheet Fusion and Deconvolution Wizard

  • Many new functionalities for Huygens 3D visualization options, such as GPU acceleration for all renderers, perspective projection, more visualization settings, depth-coded colors, and cutting planes within the SFP and Surface renderers.

All other new additions will soon be announced on the Whatsnew page.

Click here to join this webinar and/or the next webinar on Huygens 3D Localizer