Nature Protocols: "guidance for quantitative confocal microscopy" acknowledges Huygens Software

Friday 03 of April, 2020
We like to congratulate James Jonkman, Claire M. Brown, Graham D. Wright, Kurt Anderson and Alison J. North with the publication of their review paper in Nature Protocols on quantitative confocal microscopy. A huge piece of work and a great contribution to the field of microscopy.

See here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41596-020-0313-9

SVI is of course very pleased that Huygens is well acknowledged as the software that uses powerful algorithms and has deconvolution specifically designed for many different kinds of microscopes (including CLSM, Spinning Disk, multi-photon, Airyscan, STED, etc.).

The article correctly states that manually setting the SNR and background parameters for deconvolution needs some experience. The benefit of this: it makes Huygens unique in its handling of both low and high signal image data from all types of microcopes.

Huygens new options such as Deconvolution Express and Batch Express allow fully automated deconvolution of all types of microscopy images.

View here the WEBINAR on Batch Express.