Volume visualization in 3D microscopy

Volume visualization is the technique used to make 2D projections (on a computer screen, or a printed paper) of 3D data with the intention of gaining some insight into the structure of the imaged object.

SVI has a long experience in visualization next to its strong focus on Deconvolution. In the Huygens Software, the following interactive tools are available:
  • Fast Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) rendering and animations: Fast Mip
  • Detailed, physically realistic volume rendering with the Simulated Fluorescence Process (SFP) algorithm: SFP Renderer
  • Based on unique and fast Ray Tracing technology, the Surface Renderer combines iso-data continuous surface rendering and MIP rendering. It does not require any graphic card since it does not rely on conventional polygon based techniques.
  • The Huygens Moviemaker allows you to easily create sophisticated animations of your multi-channel 3D images using these powerful 3D renderers.
  • Twin Slicer to navigate and compare XY, XZ, YZ slices of 4D images.

The visualization algorithms behind these interactive tools can be also used in the Huygens Professional and the Huygens Scripting. You can download the latest Huygens Suite now from our website and ask for a free of charge test license to see the latest visualization tools.

See Huygens Visualization for screenshots of the different tools.


FreeSFP, a freeware volume renderer, has almost the same feature set as Huygens Essential's SFP renderer. It is a standalone package and requires no license. It is available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

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