Operations Window

The Operations window is the interface in Huygens Professional that lets you interactively control the available operations you can apply to images. It shows a Pro Slicer on the left to inspect the image, and panes to set the command parameters and Microscopy Parameters on the right.

The versatile Operation Window (Tools menu) within Huygens Professional offers many processing tools.

Operation parameters

Images are manipulated by using their names as commands.

Whenever you create or load an image into the Huygens Software, a Tcl command is created with the name of the new image. This so-called object oriented approach means that you always specify the image object first and subsequently the operation you want to perform on it. These commands with the necessary arguments can be directly typed on the main window, after the prompt in the Tcl Shell.

The Operations window assists you in setting the different parameters to some of the most important commands. The full Tcl syntax is shown at the bottom of the Operations pane, in the Tcl command field: you can always directly change it by typing text there. When the options are as you wish, simply execute the command by clicking the Run button.

You can find the most frequently used commands in buttons that you can access directly on the top of the window, but many other commands are also available through the different menus.

To read information about a particular command, first select the command you want (either from a button on the top, or from a menu entry) and then click on the button at the bottom of the window labeled Help on function.

Read more about image commands in the Core manual.

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