Microscopy Deconvolution and Restoration Options

Besides blurring, noise, and spherical aberration - which can be effectively corrected by deconvolution - there are other major factors distorting image quality. Below you will see the available Options and Tools for both:

Microscopy Deconvolution Options

Each deconvolution option is specifically designed to take into account the optical properties of that type of microscope for deconvolution:

Huygens Confocal option More ».
Huygens Widefield and Brightfield option More ».
Huygens Spinning Disk option More ».
Huygens Multi Photon option More ».
Huygens Re-scan Confocal option More ».
Huygens VT-iSIM option More ».
Huygens STED (3X) option More ».
Huygens Array Detector STED (3X) option More ».
Huygens Light Sheet option More ».

Restoration Options

Available starting from 590€ / 780$ ex VAT

For other major factors distorting image quality like Instability, Chromatic Aberration and Cross Talk we have developed the following Restoration Options and Tools:

Screen shot Description
ObjectStabilizer2.png The Object Stabilizer.

The Object Stabilizer can measure and correct for cell motion, thermal drift, shaking, and other types of movement (x-y-z translation and axial rotation). Both the measurement and subsequent stabilization are done in 3D and at sub-pixel level. The Stabilizer stabilizes 2D or 3D time series, and slices within a 3D stack.

Huygens Stitching Wizard  - HPRT P30 327 ReTbr1 20x cortex3_005.png The Stitcher wizard.

The wizard-driven Stitcher automatically aligns and stitches tiles of 2D, 3D, and 3D-time multichannel images of LIF and CZI files. Vignetting and shading can be automatically estimated and corrected with an advanced Huygens algorithm, or a darkfield/flatfield image can be manually loaded for correction. Deconvolution is integrated and can be combined with stitching into one simple efficient workflow.

ChromaticShiftCorr.png The Chromatic Aberration Corrector.

The Chromatic Aberration Corrector estimates and corrects for chromatic shifts between different channels of multi-channel images, removing the existing misalignments across different channels. The result of this correction is a channel-aligned image free of chromatic shifts.

CrosstalkCorrector_estimate.png The Crosstalk Corrector.

The Crosstalk Corrector estimates and corrects for crosstalk, also known as bleedthrough. This can occur if there is spectral overlap between different channels, and signal is recorded from a specific dye whereas the detector is already reserved for another dye. Crosstalk in multi channel images up to 32 channels can be easily estimated, visualized, and corrected with this tool.

Restoration Tools

(included in Huygens basics free of charge)

Screen shot Description
Huygens_HotPixelRemover.png The Hot & Cold Pixel Remover.

The Hot & Cold Pixel Remover estimates and removes local hot / cold pixels in any image. Using special algorithms, it detects the aberrant pixels and replaces them with the median of the neighbors. The result is a aberrant-pixel-free-image that is ready for deconvolution.

You are welcome to explore these options using a free trial, or to receive pricing information.