Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP)

A maximum intensity projection (MIP) is a volume visualization method for 3D data that projects in the visualization plane the VoXels with maximum intensity that fall in the way of parallel rays traced from the viewpoint to the plane of projection. Notice that this implies that two MIP renderings from opposite viewpoints are symmetrical images.

Schematic overview of MIP rendering.
Schematic overview of MIP rendering.

This technique is computationally fast but the 2D results do not provide a good sense of depth of the original data. To improve the sense of 3D, animations of several MIP frames are usually rendered in which the viewpoint is slightly changed from one frame to the next, thus creating the illusion of rotation. This helps the viewer's perception to find the relative 3D positions of the object's components.

A Mip Renderer is part of Huygens Essential and Huygens Professional.

See also Volume Visualization for more information on other render tools, and Mip Renderer for example images.

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