Webinar on April 30th with latest information on Huygens Array Detector deconvolution

Friday 12 of April, 2019
Dear microscopist,

Join us on Tuesday April 30th to hear the latest news about the Huygens Array Detector option, which is also tailored for restoring Zeiss (Fast)-Airyscan® images.

Because many of you joined the Huygens Array Detector webinar last year November, we'd now like to give you an update on this popular Huygens deconvolution option, address questions as to how our new algorithm compares to alternative approaches, and present our most recent findings.

More specifically, we will show how to achieve 100nm two-point resolution using 100nm nanorulers from GATTAQUANT GmbH, separate objects that are just 70 nm apart (see image below), and restore microtubules to a FWHM below 100nm. These are results that - at this time - can only be surpassed by optical techniques like STED and SMLM.

Join this webinar and learn how you get more resolution, more contrast and more reliable results from your images using HUYGENS' Array-detector option!

You can register here: https://svi.nl/WebinarInvitation

We look forward to your registration.

More info about this new option: