Huygens Everywhere

Access Huygens everywhere via a login. 

Access Everywhere via login

Be able to use the Huygens Software on any Windows, Linux or Mac OS system via a login.

Multi-user solution

Have control over, and insight in the usage via the User Portal. Highly reduced fees per extra user.

Flexible purchase options

Use Huygens via a subscription or license ownership.

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Huygens Everywhere: Everywhere use via login

With Huygens Everywhere, you can use Huygens at any place and time using a login. Work with the Huygens Software from home, in the lab, at a microscope, and while traveling. Multiple users can use Huygens Everywhere asimultaneously if the account is equipped with multiple concurrencies. The usage can be controlled and monitored via the online SVI User Portal. Purchase options include a subscription-based option (monthly or for the duration of your project) or license ownership.

A new way to use your Huygens Essential, Professional and Localizer.
Use Huygens on all your systems (Windows, Mac or Linux) with your SVI login.
Flexibility & Insight with a User Portal for management & booking system.
All Huygens options are available for use with Huygens Everywhere.
Log in within Huygens with your username and password and work instantly.
Your Huygens results stay with you on your own computers or own central location.
Low cost multi-user solution.
Always up to date with the latest version of Huygens.

Purchase options


A Huygens Everywhere license combines the advantages of Huygens node-locked with the functionality of Huygens Everywhere. With highly reduced fees per extra user, it is also a prefect multi-user solution. As administrator you have the flexibility to add or remove users and see their actual usage in the User Portal.

Use Everywhere

Direct ownership of license

Low cost multi-user solution

Tailored to your specific needs

Well suited for long-time purchase

Insight in usage with User Portal

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Monthly Subscription

With a monthly subscription you get full access to the Huygens Everywhere without any initial investment. Our flexible subscription plans fit your needs in terms of duration and configuration. Subscriptions can be bought directly from our webshop, which allows instant usage of the Huygens Software.

Use Everywhere

Personal login

Monthly payment

14 days free trial

Well suited for short-term projects

Flexible subscription duration

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User Portal: Control and insight in usage

With the Huygens User Portal, you can control and view who uses your license or subscription. As administrator, you can add, remove and block users. As the number of concurrent users can run from one to many, each concurrent user can get her or his own credential set and be added by the administrator in the User Portal. This gives a possibility to allocate to each group or user their own set of credentials and number of concurrent users in the User Portal. In the User Portal you can also browse, filter and export the usage logs of the licenses that you manage. This allows you to track the usage of the Software for your own booking-system.

Huygens User Portal


Get started quickly with our webinars and tutorials and have answers to all your Huygens Everywhere questions in the FAQ section.

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