Huygens Object Analyzer Basic

The basic version of the Object Analyzer is available for use within the Huygens Localizer, the Huygens software package that is specifically designed for analyzing single molecule localization data.

With the Object Analyzer Basic, you can obtain statistics of individual objects or of all objects within a single channel image by pressing just one button. Within the Object Analyzer Basic, objects are segmented by an effective seed-threshold level, and connection technique. A third method that can be applied is the watershed method which increases the reliability of the segmentation even further. To remove too small objects in an early stage from the analysis, a garbage level can be set below which objects are discarded. After that, detected objects are automatically labeled and sent to a continuous Iso Surface Ray Tracing renderer.

Predefined filters and interactive tools allow you to select and remove objects with specific properties before further analysis is performed. The analysis can also be confined to a limited region by selecting a 2D region and defining a region of interest (ROI) on the screen.

The segmented and labeled image is shown as a colored iso-surface image. Each object is assigned a different color. Because the iso-surface renderer can recompute a new iso surface rapidly, the threshold can be manipulated interactively. By clicking on an object the user can read off the local statistics.

The following statistics are reported for each object, depending on the selected Experimental Preset:
  • Number and geometry of objects
  • Spatial location
  • Relation with neighbors
  • Relation with reference objects


More features

  • Automatic segmentation based on the image histogram
  • Measure volume, surface, and dimensions of objects
  • Measure distances between nearest object and a pre-defined reference object
  • Interactive definition of Regions Of Interest (ROI)
  • Measure object properties inside the ROI
  • Configurable parameter list, that can be stored in user presets
  • Advanced object filter based on any of the reported parameters

How to use it

For a step-by-step explanation, we like to refer you to the:
For more information on object analysis and the Object Analyzer Advanced, we like to refer you to: