Huygens Software version 16.05 released!

Friday 29 of July, 2016
Scientific Volume Imaging proudly announces Huygens Software version 16.05.

Some highlights of the new and improved features in this new version are:

  • Improved Stitcher, now including Tiff support and available as an option for Huygens Essential
  • New Excitation Mode settings to accommodate different SPIM/Lightsheet setups
  • New Contrast/Gamma editor plus SUM/MIP projection modes in the Twin Slicer
  • New multi-channel handling in 3D MIP and SFP renderers
  • Cropper Tool: improved handling of very large datasets
  • New Huygens Loadable Modules interface in Huygens Professional
  • GPU status window: improved reporting and diagnostics
  • Use up to 50% more CPU cores with your desktop or server option for improved performance

Getting the software
Huygens Suite 16.05 can be downloaded from the SVI website. If you have a valid maintenance contract, you should have received your new license(s) by email. If not, or if you would like to have a look at the latest options, please contact us at sales at svi.nl for your license.