Welcome to the Huygens User starting page!

This page will help you get started with the SVI Huygens software and obtain the best Huygens deconvolution results.

Huygens installation and license request

  • You can always install the latest version of Huygens from this link together with the latest version of the acquisition software (Zeiss Zen, Leica LAS X, MBF), because the compatibility of the up-to-date releases is always tested. The latest version of Huygens will work together with the latest version of your acquisition software.
  • You can install Huygens very easily, it takes only 3 minutes! Download the latest version via this link. You can find a Youtube tutorial video on how to install an Huygens license here. If you need further help, do not hesitate to contact us at sales at svi.nl.
  • An Huygens license purchased together with the acquisition software is only including part of the options available in Huygens. Huygens includes deconvolution, visualization, analysis and restoration options and you are welcome to test them by requesting a full-option free trial license!

Suggestions for Image Acquisition

Starting with Huygens deconvolution

End of Maintenance of an official Huygens license

  • Each official Huygens license has an End of Maintenance (EOM) date. We are continuously improving and adding new features to the Huygens software, therefore we offer an extensive and affordable Maintenance and Upgrade (M&U) package. Contact your account manager or send an email to sales at svi.nl if you are interested in extending your M&U.

Huygens support

  • We are happy to help you if you have questions about the Huygens software! You can request support online or you can send an email to sales at svi.nl.
  • Webinars are frequently organized by Scientific Volume Imaging. You can find more information about the webinar schedule via this link.
  • Twice a year we organize an in-house Huygens training in our SVI headquarters. Ask sales at svi.nl for more information!
  • Contact your account manager or send an email to sales at svi.nl if you are interested in a personalized remote demo and training.

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