How to optimize your deconvolution results? Join the Acquisition pitfalls and Huygens deconvolution webinar!

Wednesday 14 of June, 2017
The Acquisition pitfalls and Huygens deconvolution webinar will be organized the 28th of June. It offers a general overview about the imaging work-flow for deconvolution, from the acquisition to the deconvolution procedure itself, in order to optimize your results. The basic acquisition pitfalls for deconvolution are discussed, with indications on how to avoid them. The Huygens deconvolution procedure is explained and demonstrated, focusing on the Huygens parameter and deconvolution editors. The new features will be also explained, as the easy to use Deconvolution Express for a one-clik deconvolution result, or the Huygens Batch Processor now combined with Huygens multi-GPU acceleration. You can register for the webinar via this link.

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