New Huygens tutorial movies: Object Tracker, Crosstalk Corrector and Object Stabilizer

Thursday 22 of June, 2017
We have recently added three new video to our Tutorial Movies: Object Tracker, Crosstalk Corrector and Object Stabilizer. The tutorial movies are very useful to get a quick overview of the option and an introduction on how to use it.

  • The Object Tracker. A tutorial about the Huygens Object Tracker, giving a short demonstration about the Huygens Object Tracker and Track Analyzer. (4.02 min). Link to Tutorial Object Tracker.

  • The Crosstalk Corrector. The Huygens Crosstalk Corrector estimates and corrects for crosstalk, also known as bleedthrough. Crosstalk can occur if there is spectral overlap between different channels, and signal is recorded from a specific dye whereas the detector is already reserved for another dye. Crosstalk in multi channel images up to 32 channels can be easily estimated, visualized, and corrected with this tool. (3.24 min). Link to Tutorial Crosstalk Corrector.

  • The Object Stabilizer. The Huygens Object Stabilizer can measure and correct for cell motion, thermal drift, shaking, and other types of movement (x-y-z translation and axial rotation). Both the measurement and subsequent stabilization are done in 3D and at sub-pixel level. The Stabilizer not only stabilizes 2D or 3D time series, but it also allows the alignment of z-slices within a 3D stack. (4.39 min). Link to Tutorial Object Stabilizer.