Webinar about Optimization of deconvolution for extremely low-signal and noisy data

Friday 30 of June, 2017
Noise in microscopy images is surely one of the strongest limiting factors in the study of morphology and dynamics of the cells, and in proceeding in a reliable visualization and analysis of the structures of interest. Deconvolution offers a great help in reducing noise and still preserving the small details of the object. Very noisy images, with extremely low signal, can be optimally addresses by Huygens deconvolution. The webinar about Optimizing deconvolution: focus on extremely low signal data was organized the 18th July 2017 to guide you through the optimal methodologies to deconvolve extremely low signal data with Huygens. The webinar about Optimization of Huygens deconvolution for Low signal data is no longer available on our website. In case you are interested in its registration, you are welcome to contact us at sales at svi.nl.

Webinars are regularly organized by Scientific Volume Imaging. You can find more information about the webinar schedule via this link.

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