Upcoming SVI-BiteSizeBio webinar: Reliable quantification of fluorescence images

Friday 28 of September, 2018
SVI is happy to announce the webinar "Reliable quantification of fluorescence images: from raw data to reproducible results" (9th of October 2018), organized in collaboration with BiteSizeBio. In this webinar, you will learn how to overcome issues with stage drift and crosstalk between channels, how to obtain reliable images and reproducible quantification results, how to proceed with advanced image analysis after restoring images. During fluorescence image acquisition, many experimental uncertainties are introduced that affect the correct object interpretation and analysis. The blurring and the noise implicit in the image formation are two of the largest sources of experimental trouble. Additional aberrations, such as stage drift, and crosstalk and chromatic aberration between channels, can also affect the imaging. Huygens image deconvolution and restoration is a proven method to revert these issues and recover a more realistic representation of the original object. After restoration of the image, you can proceed with the advanced Huygens analysis options for colocalization, object measurements, and tracking. This webinar will illustrate how you can make optimal use of the complete Huygens workflow to obtain reliable images and reproducible quantification results, focusing on the advanced analysis options offered by the Huygens software.

Subscription is open at this BiteSizeBio page.

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