I have just discovered this wiki.

Here is an illustration I prepared recently for a lecture on deconvolution. It is an X-Z projection of a stack of a point source object, a (convolved) image, and deconvolved image.


On the left it is a drawn representation of a Molecular Probes PS-Speck Green 175nm diameter bead to scale. The pixel size on our microscope is 95nm and the Z slice interval is 100nm (i.e. roughly cubic voxels).

In the centre is an image of the bead (1.4NA/100x Zeiss PlanApo/Widefield) with the gamma adjusted to emphasize the darker areas. (Actually a Huygens PSF generated from an 80 slice stack of one bead).

On the right is a MLE Huygens deconvolution of a single bead image using this PSF (again with the gamma similarly adjusted).

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