Huygens Image History

Since version 3.1 of the Huygens Software the image processing history is recorded by the program and stored along with the data when the File Format supports it (currently only ICSfile Format, in the future also OMEfileFormat).

In Huygens Professional, you will be able to save this image history as an independent XML or text file (and therefore the history can be saved along with any File Format).

Moreover, with just a mouse click you will be able to generate Tcl Huygens script files based on an image history. Programming your own scripts will be even more easy!!! Just interactively manipulate and restore an image, everything will be recorded. Then save its history as a Tcl file, and you will have a script that will reproduce all the steps in the future. You can use this script as a blueprint for other automatic tasks and run it in Huygens Professional, Huygens Scripting or the web server engine Huygens Core.

To use these possibilities in scripting, see history.