Send images to SVI


If you need assistance on deconvolution using the Huygens software, you may want to send your data to our developers. You can upload images using this upload form.

Please remember to always send your images with the necessary information:
  • your name and email;
  • all the image MicroscopicParameters;
  • all the RestorationParameters that you tried to use;
  • your HuygensSoftware version (as found in Help->About);
  • your operating system (which Windows, Linux, or MacOS version), see SystemDescription;
  • a short description of the hardware you use (amount of memory and processors);
  • and the description of your problem.

In the case that you suspect something is wrong with the software, an ExecutionLog is also very welcome.

With multiple files (as in a Time Series), we recommend to pack them first as a single zip, gzip or tar file.

Contact us

After uploading your images, or in case anything fails, please contact the SVI support department to let us know in what can we help you.