Huygens Server

64 bit

The Huygens has been a 64 bit software since the year 1999. As a matter of fact, SVI was the first commercial company which introduced a fully 64 bit computation in the deconvolution market. The Huygens Software has been running in 64 bit mode both on SGI Irix and IBM Aix servers since then.
  • Huygens 64 bit for Linux became available at the start of 2005 (from release 2.7) on Linux X86-64 machines, like Athlon64, Opteron and Xeon-EMT CPUs.
  • Huygens 64 bit for Windows (Vista, XP, 7) is officially available since end 2007 (release 3.1).
  • Huygens 64 bit for Mac OS is available for MacOSX 10.5 "Leopard" and higher, both for Intel and PowerPC processors.

With the Huygens 64 bit you will be able to process even bigger datasets while the amount of addressed memory is not limited anymore as under 32 bit systems.

See also MultiProcessing.