Update on Log4j vulnerability: Our Huygens Software code is not based on Java and is therefore not vulnerable.


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For single and multiple users, at any time and place. We offer tailored solutions.
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Use Huygens Everywhere

A new way of using Huygens Essential and Localizer everywhere.
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Online Image Processing

Multi-user and high-throughput image processing using the web-interface Huygens Remote Manager.
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Huygens Deconvolution

Deconvolution is a mathematical operation used in image restoration. With the advanced Huygens Deconvolution Algorithms you can significant improve your microscope images.
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Optical Options

Huygens deconvolution supports various microscope types with optical options that takes the specific properties of each type into account.
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Image Gallery

The Huygens Software is used for all kinds of microscopes and applications. See what Huygens Deconvolution can do for your research in the different galleries.
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For quantitative analysis of deconvolution results, it is important to avoid unnecessary pre- or post-processing steps. Furthermore, it is crucial that the entire image is processed and restored correctly.
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Surface Renderer

The Surface Renderer is a powerful 3D visualization tool that enables the visualization of isosurfaces of volumes.
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MIP Renderer

The Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) Renderer produces 3D to 2D projections of the highest intensities in an object.
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SFP Renderer

The Simulated Fluorescence Process (SFP) Renderer generates realistic 3D scenes, based on a 3D microscopy image which is interpreted as a distribution of fluorescent material.
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Movie Maker

The Movie Maker is a tool that allows the user to easily create sophisticated animations of multi-channel 3D images using the powerful Huygens visualization tools.
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Object Tracker

Huygens Object Tracker tracks the movement of cells and particles in time series images. Filter, edit, and analyze the tracks with the included Track Analyzer.
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Colocalization Analyzer

With colocalization analysis for fluorescence microscopy you can obtain quantitative information about the amount of spatial overlap between structures in different channels for 3D images and 3D-time series.
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Object Analyzer

Objects in 3D-5D (multichannel, time series) images can be quickly and easily analyzed with Huygens Object Analyzer. Statistics of objects are produced with just a few button clicks.
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Latest News


Chromatic Aberration
Correction Webinar Jan 20th

Huygens "Christmas Special" with new Wizard to fix 3D shift / rotation, expansion / shrinking, and radial non-linear distortions. Verify the per-channel aberration rendered within a unique 3-D Wireframe.
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Techno bite at UKLMF2022
meeting January 5th

Quantify your microscope performance and improve your images using Huygens. Extended options for PSF analysis and Chromatic Aberration Estimation/Correction.
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1st Prize Winner Huygens Image Contest 2021

Congratulations to Rolando Berlinguer Palmini & Christin Albus (Newcastle University) with the "Smallest Christmas Lights & Christmas Tree ever".
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Huygens What's New 21.10
Webinar November 16th

Learn from our software developers about the newly added features in the new Huygens 21.10 release.
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Join this FREE LMA-SVI
symposium on October 12th

See how imaging experts from University of Melbourne and Sydney, and Florey Institute use Huygens for their work.
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SVI at Seeing is
Believing 2021

Interact with our imaging experts at Seeing is Believing 2021 and 'get the best out of all your microscopy data'.
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WhatsNew in Huygens
21.04 Webinar June 15th

New: PSF Distillation for Array Detector PSFs and microscope Quality Control, and Analysis Workflow Designer.
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SVI presents on Wednesday
May 19th at 10AM CEST.

Importance of true deconvolution and restoration for reliable image analysis, featuring Huygens Everywhere and the Workflow Processor.
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