100 days of free testing Huygens Localizer for SMLM analysis

Tuesday 18 of February, 2020
We like offer you the option to try Huygens Localizer for analyzing 2D and 3D (astigmatic) SMLM image data for 100 days.
We initially supply you with a 10 day test period, which can be easily extended with another 90 days if you fill out a survey.
This survey will take about 5 minutes to complete and will provide us with very valuable information on how we can further improve

If you do not have a login for our website, you can register here, to join this 100 days of testing.

Else, login with your credentials and visit this webpage.

Webinar on image processing via the web interface Huygens Remote Manager

Tuesday 11 of February, 2020
Join us with this webinar on the new release of Huygens Remote Manager version 3.7.
HRM can be used by multiple users simultaneously and is ideally suited for batch processing, including deconvolution, chromatic aberration correction, time stabillization and colocalization analysis.

By using HRM via your web-browser, you can submit image processing jobs anywhere and at anytime with your computer.
HRM uses multi-core CPUs and GPUs, ensuring that computational resources are used optimally.

You can register here for one of the webinar sessions.

Webinar on Huygens FUSER (Jan. 28th)

Friday 17 of January, 2020
Join us with this webinar on the new Huygens Fuser.
Huygens FUSER can be used to deconvolve and fuse multiview images from a variety of Light Sheet microscope systems, and is extremely easy to use with its interactive user interface.

You can register here for one of the sessions.

Release of Huygens Remote Manager 3.7

Friday 20 of December, 2019
We like to announce the release of Huygens Remote Manager (HRM) version 3.7.

The HRM is the web interface of Huygens Core and can be used to submit on-line jobs for batch image deconvolution and restoration.
HRM offers an excellent connection to the OMERO data management platform and allows also a direct up and downloading of images.

HRM is an open source project between SVI and several academic groups that runs already for many years.

More on this project can be found on the HRM Sourceforge page.

A demo version of HRM can be tested via https://hrm.svi.nl

A webinar on the HRM is scheduled for February 11th (2020). You can register here for this webinar.

Winning images of Huygens Contest 2019 viewable

Monday 16 of December, 2019
Many great images have been submitted for the Huygens Image Contest 2019. They were acquired by many different microscopes, ranging from confocal and multiphoton, towards STED and also Light Sheet.
We have selected five winners who's images and movies can be viewed here: https://svi.nl/ImageContestWinners

We hope you will participate in the next years' contest (again). Images can be submitted all year through!

We at SVI, wish you a happy holiday season

NVIDIA offers 20% discount on Titan RTX cards for educational institutions in Canada and USA

Thursday 28 of November, 2019
Many of you have experienced already the manyfold increase in Huygens performance with Nvidia GPU acceleration. The level of increase varies depending on the CPU type and the GPU cards that are being used. GPU cards can accelerate Huygens more than 30 times. To make use of GPU acceleration, your Huygens license needs to include a Huygens GPU option that matches with class of your NVIDIA GPU card(s).

Educational Institutes in the USA and Canada are now eligible for a 20% discount on Titan RTX cards.
For more information, we like to refer you to the NVIDIA website:

Join the WhatsNew Huygens 19.10 Webinar on Nov. 12th

Friday 01 of November, 2019
On November 12th, we will have two webinar sessions (9AM and 5PM CET) about all the great new things in Huygens upcoming 19.10 release.

To name just a few of these:

  • We now officially release the new Huygens Fuser, which is the more interactive and computationally more efficient successor of the Light Sheet Fusion and Deconvolution Wizard

  • Many new functionalities for Huygens 3D visualization options, such as GPU acceleration for all renderers, perspective projection, more visualization settings, depth-coded colors, and cutting planes within the SFP and Surface renderers.

All other new additions will soon be announced on the Whatsnew page.

Click here to join this webinar and/or the next webinar on Huygens 3D Localizer

Huygens 19.10 released!

Tuesday 29 of October, 2019
In the download section you can find the new 19.10 version of Huygens! Interested in trying it out? Feel free to request a test license via one of the Huygens basics after installing this version.

You can then enjoy significant improvements in 3D rendering performance and features or try out the new interactive Fuser for your lightsheet data.

For those interested in the Huygens Localizer: we have included now 3D localization and the possibility to process your data in batch mode!

More details about this release can be found here.