SVI and Abberior Instruments announce collaboration in STED imaging

Friday 01 of March, 2019
Abberior Svi Collaboration

The recent and most fruitful collaboration between Abberior Instruments and SVI has brought about cutting-edge superresolution at maximum convenience and benefit for STEDYCON users.

The easiest, most compact and most affordable STED system available, now also includes an efficient connection to the Huygens Software. This new feature allows researchers get the most out of their high-quality STED images by using the powerful and renowned Huygens MLE deconvolution algorithms and image analysis modules.

The combination of state-of-the-art STED imaging with a sophisticated deconvolution method reveals the faintest details in the sample . Moreover, all this unfolds at the push of a button!

Learn all about this and more and join our upcoming STED webinar!

For STEDYCON questions & quotations contact sales at abberior-instruments.com

Connection to Huygens Professional

Huygens now fully supports the latest STEDYCON OBF data format. Users can open OBF data directly in Huygens via drag-and-drop or via the regular open image dialog. With the latest software (both Huygens and STEDYCON), Huygens automatically reads in all meta-data required for accurate deconvolution and further processing.
The STEDYCON Smart Control acquisition software also introduces a new feature that allows users to send any image from their imaging session to Huygens Professional with a single mouse-click. The dataset can be easily deconvolved in Huygens via the fully automated Deconvolution Express, or with the Deconvolution Wizard/Batch Processor when the users prefers full parameter control.

Learn more about this on our HUYGENS for Abberior STEDYCON page

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Exciting new HUYGENS WEBINAR in cooperation with Abberior Instruments about STED deconvolution developments in Huygens!

Tuesday 19 of February, 2019
Join us on March 19, 2019 for a webinar on optimal STED imaging, deconvolution and optimal processing specifically geared towards the latest developments in the field. This special webinar will be co-organized with Abberior Instruments.

In addition to supporting images from various other STED systems, Huygens can now also efficiently process Abberior STEDYCON images, offering ultra-fast and reliable deconvolution results with a single mouse-click.

The STEDYCON system, developed by Abberior Instruments, is a STED super-resolution and cost-effective solution which can be installed as a compact add-on for various epi-fluorescence and confocal systems. The latest advances will be highlighted during this collaborative webinar.

If you are interested to learn more about super-resolution microscopy, or if you currently work with STED microscopy in your research, then we highly recommend to join this free webinar!

To join the webinar you can subscribe HERE or contact your SVI account-manager.

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Huygens software 18.10 available!

Wednesday 31 of October, 2018
Huygens software 18.10 is now available for download! After installing this exciting new version, please make sure to request a test license via sales at svi.nl.

Including for instance brand new deconvolution options for a.o. Zeiss Airyscan data and new Colocalization Analyzer modules! More information can be found in the What's New list!

Next Tuesday, November 13, we will bring you up-to-date on this new version in the What's New webinar!

Please join by following this link: https://svi.nl/webinarwhatsNewRelease1810

Light-sheet Fusion & Deconvolution Webinar, Held September 18th, 2018

Wednesday 19 of September, 2018
Many customers joined this interesting webinar which described the latest developments in Light-sheet/SPIM deconvolution and fusion in Huygens.

They got a general overview plus an update on developments since Spring 2017 when we introduced the first Huygens wizard for Light-sheet images.
The invitation is closed now and customers who subscribed will receive the recording.

Cover and article on Huygens Light Sheet Fusion and Deconvolution Wizard in current Microscopy Today issue

Thursday 13 of September, 2018
Together with several research groups (see co-author list below), SVI has published an article and cover in the September issue of Microscopy Today on "Restoration of Light Sheet Multi-View Data with the Huygens Fusion and Deconvolution Wizard".
The article describes the Huygens Fusion and Deconvolution Wizard, which is a unique integrated solution for deconvolving light sheet microscopy images from various kinds of light sheet systems. Detailed descriptions are given of the fusion of multi-views of the specimen, processing of deskewed of data, and image deconvolution. Examples show significant improvements in image signal and resolution of more than 1.5-2 times.

You can access this Microscopy Today September issue for free: here.
Authors: Peter J. Verveer (1), Vincent T.G. Schoonderwoert (1), Denis Ressnikoff (2), Shane D. Elliott (3), Kiefer D. van Teutem (1), Tobias C. Walther (3) and Hans T.M. van der Voort (1)

1 Scientific Volume Imaging bv, Laapersveld 63, 1213VB, Hilversum, The Netherlands
2 CIQLE, Centre d’imagerie quantitative Lyon-Est, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Lyon, France
3 Department of Genetics and Complex Diseases, Harvard University, Boston, MA

For more information on our Light Sheet Fusion and Deconvolution Wizard you can visit this online wiki page or request a free trial license by downloading Huygens.

Huygens imaging course this September is fully booked - Next course in May 2019

Tuesday 14 of August, 2018
On September 20 and 21, we will have again our Huygens imaging course at our SVI headquarters in Hilversum (The Netherlands).

If you aim for getting the best possible images out of your microscope and in processing them optimally, then this training may be of interest to you.
Topics range from the advised microscope acquisition settings to recognizing imaging artifacts and using Huygens for fixing these. Obviously, we will explain all the Huygens deconvolution, restoration, and analysis options, and have included enough time for hands-on sessions and discussions.

For this course, we allow a maximum of 8 people. This is to ensure that we can give enough attention to all the participants.
More detailed information on this course and quotes from previous participants, can be found here.

If you are interested in joining this course, please send an email to info at svi.nl or call us: 0031 35 642 1626

The SVI team

This course is fully booked, we like to refer you to our May 2019 (9 and 10 to be precise) course for which you can already subscribe.

Important note to Hyvolution 2 users

Monday 06 of August, 2018
In July 2018, reports have reached us that the HyVolution 2 module in the LAS X software may provide partly incorrect multi-channel meta-data to Huygens. This occurs when multi-channel LIF files are read into LASX and subsequently sent to Huygens via Hyvolution2. Please visit our HyVolution page for up-to-date information and suggested alternatives.

SVI advises all (Leica) users to download the latest Huygens version that can be used according to the Huygens maintenance contract. For any questions or issues please contact us at sales at svi.nl.

What's New Webinar 18.04

Thursday 17 of May, 2018
The Huygens 18.04 What's New Webinar will showcase the new features that are included in the 18.04 Huygens version. In the new version we will introduce a new feature in Huygens: the Batch Express! You simply have to select the desired Watched folder and the images in the folder will be automatically deconvolved by the Batch Express within seconds. The Batch Express supports a wide range of microscope types (widefield, confocal, spinning disk, multiphoton, STED, and a variety of SPIM/Light Sheet systems) and file formats. Compatibility with your image files is not an issue. Additional features and tools in the 18.04 version are:

  • Triplet mode in Twin Slicer (in Basic Mode!)
  • Added “Cold Pixel” mode in Hot Pixel Remover
  • New Lattice Light Sheet Deconvolution
  • Object Stabilizer: added deskew mode for Lattice Light Sheet data, ability to choose a reference frame or slice
  • Added colocalization coefficients in an improved Coloc Analyzer: Li's ICQ, Van Steensel's CCF
  • Native Nikon ND2 and Olympus OIR readers for Windows
  • Multi GPU deconvolution via the Operations Window in Huygens Professional
  • New GPU operations: filters, copy, statistics, histogram operations, slicing, multiMIP, faster deconvolution, visualization, and Deconvolution Express
  • New right-click menu for an easier workflow

You can download Huygens 18.04 from here and you can request a test license after starting Huygens Essential or Professional.

Are you interested in the recording of the webinar? Email sales at svi.nl. For a list of the new features available in 18.04 please consult this webpage.