Huygens Professional: Reveal the truth in your image!

Easy to Install

Huygens Professional is part of the Huygens Suite installer for Windows and Linux.

User Friendly

Easy to use, and easy to learn

High Quality Visualization

Visualize your data with the powerful slicer tools or 3D renderers

Scientific Analysis

Analyze your data with the Colocalization Analyzer, Object Analyzer or Object Tracker

Scripting & Batch Processing

Deconvolve your images in batch mode with the efficient Workflow Processor, and excecute your own (Python) scripts

Supports many File Formats

Read file formats from most microscopy vendor, including meta-data

Huygens Professional: Get the most out of your images

Huygens Professional is part of the Huygens Software Suite, and offers a complete workflow for deconvolution, restoration and analysis of microscopy images. With the included Wizards, you can restore images without being a specialist on image restoration and optical theory, yet tools like the Operation Window and Scripting/Python shell also facilitate image processing for experts. Intelligent tools make it possible for you to obtain the instrumental Point Spread Function of your microscope from an easily recorded latex bead image. This enables you to make sure that your microscope is indeed functioning optimally and ensures optimal restoration results. It is possible to use Huygens Professional and additional options as a computer-locked license, or in a more flexible manner with Huygens Everywhere/Floating via a login. Huygens Professional wizard-guided simplified counterpart is Huygens Essential.

Deconvolution: Accurately restore your images

GPU acceleration option
Automatic Background estimation
Automatic Bleaching Effects correction.
Automatic deconvolution of Time Series.
Automatic correction for Spherical Aberration.
Deconvolution wizard guides you through (multi) -channel deconvolution.
Automated deconvolution via Workflow Processor.
Simulation of microscopic image formation.
Experimental distillation and theoretical calculation of Point Spread Functions.
Automatic Z-drift correction.
Handles many File Formats.
Remote displaying with X11, VNC or RDP.
Direct Tcl/Tk command input is possible in a versatile Tcl Shell.
4 different deconvolution algorithms to choose from for optimal results.
Various Image Processing Functions available for restoration and analysis, as commands or to use interactively.

Visualization: Explore your images in 3D

Twin Slicer: Easy comparison of original and deconvolved data.
Ortho Slicer: Visualize your data in all orthogonal directions simultaneously.
Gallery Tool: View frames in a gallery style view
Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) renderer: Efficiently visualize large 3D datasets.
Volume Renderer (SFP Renderer): Produces physically realistic 3D representations of your data.

Surface Renderer (optional): Easily visualize objects in your 3D data.
Movie Maker (optional): Create sophisticated animations of your multi-channel 3D images.

Analysis options (optional): get more from your images

Object Analyzer: The interactive object analyzer tool for 3D microscopy images

Colocalization Analyzer: Analyze and obtain quantitative information about the amount of spatial overlap between structures in different data channels, for 3D images and 3D-time series.

Object Tracker: Track and analyze moving object over time

Tutorial and Download: get started!

The tutorial movies allows you to get started with the different tools and options in Huygens Professional quickly. When you install the Huygens Suite on your computer, also feel free to try out our other products.

Tutorial Video Download Now!