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The SVI-Wiki is a public knowledge resource on 3D microscopy, image restoration (deconvolution), visualization and analysis. In addition it serves as a support medium for users of SVI's Huygens Software. Feel free to contribute and to contact SVI.

About Volume Visualization

Volume visualization is the process of converting a 3D image into a 2D projection. The goal is to visualize the data in a clear and interactive way to provide a good understanding of the data. Our algorithms are optimized for multi-threaded CPUs and starting from version 19.04 also support GPU acceleration for even faster rendering. In the Huygens Software, the following interactive tools are available:
  • Fast Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) rendering and animations: The MIP renderer
  • Detailed, physically realistic volume rendering with the Simulated Fluorescence Process (SFP) algorithm: SFP Renderer
  • Based on unique and fast Ray Tracing technology, the Surface Renderer combines iso-data continuous surface rendering and MIP rendering.
  • The Huygens Moviemaker allows you to easily create sophisticated animations of your multi-channel 3D images using these powerful 3D renderers.
  • Twin Slicer to navigate and compare XY, XZ, YZ slices of 4D images.

About Interactive Analysis

The Huygens software contains new tools for interactive analysis of 3D and 4D microscopic images:
  • Colocalization Analyzer: compute established colocalization coefficients; visualize and analyze iso-colocalization objects
  • Object Analyzer: compute statistics of individual objects inside a 3D image.
  • Object Tracker: wizard-based module for optimized object detection, fast track filtering and track analysis.

See also the Visualization Definitions list.

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